House 39 Sri Gaya

If you are looking for a really big house to live in, this newly completed two-storey mansion just 3 km away from Kota Kinabalu city is well worth a check. It spots a contemporary European design. The ground floor consists of 2 living rooms, 2 Kitchens (dry and wet), a dining room, a utility room, a maid or guest room, a washroom, and a small room. On the upper floor, there are four bedrooms altogether, two of them are as big as a studio apartment. The first floor also has a common room with one side opens to the living room below. This mansion has a total area of 10,000 square feet and a built up area of about 6,000 square feet. The perimetre of the house compound forms a special diamond shape, which is very good Feng Shui according to the Chinese.

The highlight of this mansion is the big and spacious living room about six to seven hundred square feet in size, and it has a high ceiling (more then 20 feet in height). To top it off, a lot of window panels are used on the walls, letting plenty of lights to come in even in the late afternoon. Another special feature of this mansion is the first floor balcony. This balcony is very spacious. It can easily seat 15 persons and it occupies about one third of the building. The drainage on the balcony is nicely concealed, since it is built into the building.

All the upper floor rooms come with standard facilities like a build in bathroom, air-conditioner,fan, lights, multiple sockets (8-12), telephone line and even Astro connection ready. Bathrooms are equipped with hot shower, build-in shower cubicle, toilet, wash basin, on top of all these it even has electric plug for razor. All t rooms also have big window panels (about 10 feet wide and 6 feet high in some rooms). With all these natural lights streaming in, it is surely going to make one very happy.

The Rooms Area (including bathroom area):
Bed Room 1: 342 square feet
Bed Room 2: 336 square feet
Bed Room 3: 414 square feet
Master Bedroom: 549 square feet

The owner of this mansion has put in great care and effort in selecting good and high quality materials for the mansion. For example steel door frame, solid wooded door, high quality wooden parquet and tile floors. In the two kitchens, a full scale kitchen cabinet with solid wood is in built. On security the main front door has 2 layers of added protection, a steel door in front followed by a solid wooden door. Even the garden is properly planned, palm trees, Christmas trees and special grass are chosen for the landscape. Flood will not be a problem because the whole compound is raised by 2 feet. If Feng Shui is your cup of tea, rest assured that the owner had consulted three Feng Shui experts for their advice before making the final decision.

Located at Sri Gaya, one of the pristine neighbourhood in Luyang, this location offers great ease when moving around in Kota Kinabalu. The asking price for this mansion is RM 2.8 million. Interested party can contact Roy (HP: 016 552 50 90) to arrange for a viewing appointment.


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