Mee Sup Pipin

Talk about good tasty food and KK Lites will travel to all sort of places, be it far or near, and at times some unusual places may pop up, just to gain that gastronomical fixed. Looking for Mee Sup Pipin can be categorise as an usual place experience and an adventure in itself. Looking for the shop itself can be a challenge for some KK Lites. This noodle shop is located at a village called Inobong, which many KK Lites would not even know where the place is. Yet Mee Sup Pipin is a gem to the local community and its popularity is increasing day by day, as more and more people from outside this area come to know this eatery. Today even tourist operators are bringing guests to try out the tasty foods served here.

The most popular dish at Mee Sup Pipin is its noodle soup. Where noodle run over with boiling water together with sliced meats are poured over a hot steamy soup, simple yet mouth watering. This type of noodle is the most traditional and can be found in many kopitiams in Sabah. The younger generation would prefer the Kon Lou (dry) noodle. For this the hot steamy soup is served in a separate bowl. Why does the soup from Mee Sup Pipin taste so sweat and the pork served is so delicious. One of the open secrets behind the tasty pork is that every day a special pig is selected to be slaughtered for this purpose. The super fresh pork is the secret behind the good taste.

ready to serve with hot and steamy soup

Apart from noodle, be hoon and kiaw tiau are also served. Other dishes offered at Mee Sup Pipin are Q-Nyuk, Chicken Feet, Bakas (Wild Boar meat), stuffed to-fu, and Pork Mixed. Price here are very affordable too. A bowl of noodle starts from RM 4.00. Drink starts from RM 1. Business hours are from the early hour of 4am to 2pm in the afternoon.

kon lou be hoon with BBQ pork

From left to right:

  • konlou noodle
  • soup pipin
  • konlou kiaw tiau

Mee Sup Pipin Price Guide:

Noodle Soup with mixed meat: Regular RM4, Big RM 5.50,
Cucap (Pork mixed): Regular RM4, Big RM 5.50,
Q-Nyuk RM 15
Sup Tulang (soup) RM 5
Chicken feet RM 3
Stuffed To-fu RM 1
Bakas (Wild Boar meat) RM 5

stuffed to-fu

From left to right:

  • the cooking area
  • chu yu chak (yummy stuff)
  • local drinks: Milo, Iced Lemon Tea and Nescafe

Many locals would have remembered Mee Sup Pipin which used to be operated at the old tamu ground at Kampung Inobong, Moyog. Eating yummy noodle with clean sweet soup on the long wooden tables like those found in local school canteens. For the last four decades and on every Saturday and Sunday this stall had been operating at the old Inobong Tamu Ground. This stall was located under a big tree by the Moyog river, where a suspension bridge across the river will bring one to the Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Inobong. While from Monday to Friday Mee Sup Pipin was operating at a house compound not so far from the entrance to Jalan Inobong. Since December 2008, Mee Sup Pipin has moved to its present location as the Inobong Tamu Ground is under going a serious renovation.

Cu Chap

the overall look of the shop house

How to get there? From Kota Kinabalu: follow Jalan Penampang (highway A3) and drive 8km to Donggongon township, and look for Jalan Penampang-Tambunan (SA3) and go for another 4 km to Kampung (Village) Inobong. Spot for Jalan Tomposik and turn in, the many cars park around the area will lead you to the destination. The shop is actually the house of the owner of Soup Pipin.

Mee Sup Pipin
Jalan Tomposik, off Jalan Penampang-Tambunan 4km,
Moyok, Penampang.
Tel: +6016 826 13 88 (Rosina) / +6016 830 20 88 (Christina)

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