Opulence Point

If you ask KKLites to have lunch or dinner at Kota Kinabalu Central Market, many of them will wink at you for even suggesting the place. For a long time now and for many of us, dirty, dark alley, hot and a very run down place are projected in our mind when thinking of or talking about the eateries on the first floor of Central Market. Some of us even swears not to go there ever.

But now all that has changed, and thanks to a Korean couples now we found a grade “A” restaurant right at the north end on the first floor of Central Market. The place was extensively renovated just a few months ago and it looks like something you see in Asian Food Channel (Astro’s programme) “Restaurant Makeover”. Starting with a new name, new design and look, air-condition, fully tiles, classy tables and chairs, plus a new menu on foods, everything here is brand new. Now is the time to revisit the age old Central Market and enjoy a good meal and posh atmosphere at this new restaurant, Opulence Point. This restaurant also has a good view of the fish market and the waterfront below.

Note: This restaurant has temporary closed down until further notice.

Buffet seafood steamboat is the main attraction here. Guests can eat till you drop, but of course, we don’t want that to happen. Crabs, prawns, cuttlefishs, shells, and fish are the main selections, while chicken is the only meat served. Vegetables, noodle, and some pre-cooked dishes are available. Many types of spices, like chili, garlic, etc are ready for guests to mix and match the perfect dipping sauces. The Buffet Seafood Steamboat is priced at RM 30 per person. ( For now the promotional price is at RM 25, valid until the end of Ramadan.)

Apart from steamboat, Opulence Point also takes A la-carte. Like the buffet only crabs, prawns, cuttlefishs, shells, fish and chicken are availabl. Although they have limited selection of dishes, they are more than make up for it by making their dishes with a size able portion. Making thing simple they have only two sizes available, simply small (RM 12) and large (RM 20). Fried rice, noodle and vegetable dishes are also available. For drinks they serve only soft drinks, Chinese tea and local coffee.

Here are some of the dishes, all size small, from Opulence Point:

black pepper fish

deep fried soft-shell crab

sweet & sour prawn

small “kai lan” with garlic

From left to right:

  • Fried Rice
  • Chinese Tea
  • Sweet Corn Soup
How to get there? KK Central Market is located on Jalan Tun Fuad Stephens, it is the last street before the sea front. KK Central Market is with in walking distance from any part of downtown Kota Kinabalu, or one can always call a taxi.

Opulence Point Sdn. Bhd.
1st Floor, KK Central Market
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia
tel: +6016 830 0652 (Mr. Kim)
email: hbentkor@yahoo.com

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