Puncak Borneo Resort

Puncak Borneo Resort is the latest edition to the hosts of cabins, chalets, lodges, and resorts near Kinabalu National Park. Located at Tinompok, right at the junction to Bundu Tuhan, this resort has one of the best front row seat views of Mt. Kinabalu. Many parts of the summit trail are clearly visible here, Layang-Layang Station and Laban Rata are two of the well known ones. The peaks of Kinabalu like, South peak, Victoria peak, Ugly Sister peak except Low’s peak are all visible. If you wake up in the very early morning, you will be able to see the many torch lights used by climbers for lighting up the trail to the summit.

This building also has a distinctive contemporary Bajau design, with the roof top, the passage leading to the restaurant and the staircase standing out prominenently. This building was originally intended for a handicraft centre, but the plan was shelved and now it has become a swanky resort. From December to February Tinompok can be quite misty through out the day, as the clouds travel from the Kiau valley to the Bundu Tuhan valley, passing Puncak Borneo Resort which sits on a small hill right in the middle of these two valleys.

Only 10 rooms are available at the Puncak Borneo Resort. These 10 rooms are divided into five different types with two units each, namely deluxe, executive, single room, single superior and family room. Full colour 32” LCD TV set with six Astro channels, electric kettle [coffee and tea maker], en-suite bathroom with water heater, quality bedding and a nice dresser are standard facilities in each room. Dormitory style bedroom with with bunk beds that can accommodate a total of 14 persons are also available. A small kitchen beside the dormitory allows guests to do some simple cooking. BBQ facilities are available for rental.

Published Rate (including breakfast for 2):

Room Type Standard Rate Public Holiday Room No.
Deluxe RM 118 RM 166 Room 4 & Room 5
Executive RM 160 RM 228 Room 8 & Room 1
Single Room RM 120 RM 168 Room 10
Single Room II RM 99 RM 158 Room 2
Single Superior RM 150 RM 198 Room 9 & Room 12
Deluxe RM 118 RM 166 Room 4 & Room 5
Family RM 180 RM 238 Room 6
Dormitory Bed RM 35 RM 40 Room 7A & Room 7B
Extra Person RM 10
Extra Mattress RM 30

Check in time is 2pm and check out time is 12:30pm.

The Panorama Cafe at Puncak Borneo Resort is big and is one of the most classy cafes in Kundasang. The cafe is surrounded with glass walls giving its interior a very spacious look and bright during the day time. Mt. Kinabalu and the Budun Tuhan valley are the immediate view from these sliding glass door. High quality furniture like solid Wooden tables and chairs are used here. And a crews of experience chefs help to prepare and cook up various types of cuisines like Chinese, Thai and Western. On weekend traditional local foods are available for the guests to enjoy and experience. Prices are affordable and reasonable too. Business hours: 7am to 9pm from Monday to Saturday and 7am to 9:30pm on Sunday and Public Holidays.

Other useful information:

From Puncak Borneo Resort to the following destinations:
Kinabalu Park: 2 Km
Kundasang: 9 km
Poring: 35 km
Kota Kinabalu: 86 km

Daily Temperature:
Morning: 15°C to 19°C
Afternoon: 19°C to 23°C
Evening: 18°C to 22°C

How to go there? Take the Kota Kinabalu-Ranau road, you will not miss Puncak Borneo Resort A big building is seen perching out from the hill on the right side right at the junction to Budun Tuhan just about 9km before Kinabalu Park Headquarters. For the independent travellers, there is a daily bus from Kota Kinabalu to Ranau for RM 15.00 at 8:00 am near the Padang Bus Station, and it will pass by Puncak Borneo Resort. Budget taxi which only leaves with 4 passengers can be located here too.

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Puncak Borneo Resort
Km 86.3, Jalan KK-Ranau,
Simpang Kg. Bundu Tuhan,
Ranau, Sabah, Malaysia.

tel: +6088 889 699
fax: +6o88 889 898
email: puncak_borneo@yahoo.com


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