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Segama Complex is five rows of shoplots built on a reclaimed land just in front the Kota Kinabalu Central Market during the early 1980s. Before the arrival of shopping malls and shopping complexes, Segama was the hottest commercial properties in downtown Kota Kinabalu, many fashion and trendy lifestyle shops were found here. All these were long gone now, and Segama is better known for its eateries and cafes these days. During the day time Kedai Kopi Sofa, located on the last row of Segama Shoplots that faces the waterfront, has one of the best Javanese cuisine in town. This coffee shop serves simply, wonderful and very tasty rojak and soto, and they are highly recommended by the guests who frequent here.

The rojak that is served here is a noodle dish served with hearty peanut sauce, with a choice of beef slices or chicken, and boiled egg. And this coffee shop gives a big portion of peanut sauce too. Do note that Sabah rojak is very different from that served in West Malaysia, which is a simple fruit and vegetable salad dish. The soto is a Javanese beef soup served with be hoon, and a combination of chicken, beef, tendon and tripe. A bit like “Ngau Chap” (beef noodle), the beef broth is strong and flavourful. Not only are the rojak and soto very tasty, the prices for these dishes are very affordable too, great news for those who live on a budget. The rojak is priced at RM 3.50, and the soto is RM 4.00.

soto be hoon

During lunch hours Kedai Kopi Sofa is always packed, and some time the place can be a bit cramped. If you want to avoid the crowds, 9am to 11am is the best time. At lunch time mixed vegetables and rice are served too, and it is priced at RM 4.00. For those who want some snack food during the afternoon tea break, do check out Kedai Kopi Sofa, every day, except Sunday, at 3:00 pm this shop will roll out its mouth watering Deep Fried Banana (Pisang Goreng). And one can always “ta pau” (take away) these deep fried banana.

vegetable and meat dishes

From left to right:

  • Crowded always
  • Iced Milk Tea & Iced Coffee
  • Cook at work

How to go there? Go to Jalan Tuan Fun Stephens and look for Hyatt Hotel, Segama Complex is located next to the hotel. While there look out for the last row of Segama Complex, Block E, which is nearest to the sea front, search for the well known craft and hobby shop called Leton, in the middle corner. Kedai Kopi Sofa is just two shops next to Leton.

Kedai Kopi Sofa
Lot 3, Block E, Segama Complex
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia

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