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The whole world is now feverishly voting for the New 7 Wonders of Nature. The good news is that every citizen of the world is elegible to vote, all you need is an internet connection and an email account. Presently the New 7 Wonders is in the second phase of voting and many contesting places are vying for the next round of competition. Sipadan Island was voted in in the previous round, now it needs all the vote it can get, to ensure Sipadan qualifies for the next round. Everyone, KK Lites, Sabahans, Malaysians, and Citizens of the Worlds, let us all vote for Sipadan Island.

Why Sipadan Island, Sabah‘s jewel of the ocean? From the surface Sipadan Island looks very much like many other ordinary oceanic islands, surrounded by blue sea, white sandy beaches and lush green forest filled up the centre. But break through the surface underneath the water Sipadan Island presents a whole different world. This is the metropolitian of the water world. Rows and rows of corals and seaplants similar to buildings in the city, while marine life, fishes, nudi branch, swimming to and from all directions even more complex than the heavy traffic in downtowns. With as many as 3,000 species of marine creatures living in and around Sipadan island as their habitat, no wonder the great late Captain Jacques-Yves Cousteau mentioned “I have seen other places like Sipadan 45 years ago. Now we have found again an untouched piece of art.”

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With more and more people taking up scuba diving as a recreational sport, the wonder of underwater world is waiting for us to explore and rediscover. Conservation and education are the up most important for the continued flourish of marine life in Sipadan Island. Once again let us vote for Sipadan Island not only for the present generation, but also for the future generation. Every vote counts and Sipadan’s success is just a click away! Here are ten easy steps to submit your vote: (and do it now!)

Step 1: Go to 
Step 2: Click “Vote Now” to start voting

Step 3: Become a member if you are not yet one, fill in your email address.
Step 4: Select “Category” for “Islands” and wait for the next selection field to load.

Step 5: Select “Sipadan island (Malaysia)” in the selection box
Step 6: Repeat Step 4 & Step 5 for field “Vote 2” to “Vote 7”, selecting nominees from other categories e.g. Landscapes, Mountians, Caves, Forests, Lakes, Seascapes.

Step 7: Make sure the spam filter is filled.
Step 8: Click “Submit” once done.

Step 9: A form will be loaded when you click “submit”. Please fill in the required details and select the necessary check boxes.
Step 10: An email will be sent to you after voting is completed. Be sure to click on the provided link to confirm your vote. 

Other links:

International Telephone Voting Line
Vote now by telephone for the New7Wonders of Nature – from every country, at any time!

How to Vote by telephone in 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Dial the international telephone number: 00 41 77 312 4041
Step 2: At the end of the message, after the tone, insert the 3 digit code (SIPADAN digit code – 225) for your chosen nominee
Step 3: When you hear the tahnk you message, you are all done – you have voted by telephone.

Vote! vote! vote!

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