Adamas 118 Villa (Type A)

Located at a small hill along Shantung road, Adamas 118 Villa is a boutique 9-acre residential project with 82 units of semi-detached houses. These contemporary houses provide luxurious living with flexible layout and plush interior. It’s main entrance is just a few metres away from the JPJ roundabout at Jalan Bundusan, and the busy Beverly Hills suburb is only about 1.5km away. With the dual highway at Jalan Bundusan completing real soon, traffic jam problem at Jalan Bundusan will be something from the past.

2 storey semi-detached

LT Alliance Development Sdn Bhd is the developer for the Adamas 118 Villa and this project shall be completed in June 2009. The two main types of houses for sale here are the 2 storey Semi-Detached (Type A) and the 2 1/2 storey Semi-Detached (Type B). With an overwhelming response by the public since it’s launching almost all the houses had been snapped up, today only 3 units of the 2 storey Semi-Detached are still available.

The 2 storey Semi-Detached house with a total floor area of 2,805 square feet is priced at RM 568,880 onwards. While the 2 1/2 storey Semi-Detached (Type B) costs RM 578,880 onwards, noted all the Type B units are all sold out. Type B has a floor area of 3,573 square feet.

Below are some pictures taken from the nice and cozy two storey semi-detached house at the Adamas 118 Villa show units. The theme for this unit is based on Balinese style home furnishing with a luxurious living in mind. The interior design and all the furnishings are done by Refined Homes Sdn Bhd.

dining room

masterbed  room

bedrooms and a cosy sitting place

bedroom 1

shower rooms and toilet

The shower rooms from left to right: masterbed bathroom, 1st floor bathroom and ground floor bathroom and toilet. The masterbed bathroom also has a beautiful built in cloth-set (not shown on picture). All these bathrooms do not have a bath tub.

1st floor balcony

This is a very nice and thoughtful design for the house as the balcony is spacious enough to convert to a small garden which give the bedrooms a great view. Since both bedrooms (bedroom 1 & bedroom 2) have accessed to the balcony, it also acts as a bridge for these two rooms.

A great wooden staircase ever smoothing for the feet and these Germany designed switches which are nice on the hands.


from inside the house looking out to the beautiful garden

front garden

For more information please contact:
LT Alliance Development Sdn Bhd
Lot 15, Ground Floor, Block B, Damai Point, Luyang
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia
tel: +6088 256 118

Refined Homes Sdn Bhd
Lot 15, Ground Floor, Block B, Damai Point, Luyang
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia
tel: +6088 266 688

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