Sin Wang Char Chan Teng

Hong kong is one of the most densely populated cities in the world, and is also well known for its variety of cuisines and restaurants. Much information on Hong Kong’s food scenes can be found in books, mgazines, newspapers, TV programmes, and even blogs. Yes, blogs are here to stay. Since 2007 a few Hong Kong style restaurants have started operation in Kota Kinabalu, mainly in Warisan Square and 1Borneo Hypermall. Located at Warisan Square, Sin Wang Char Chan Teng, which offers Chinese cuisine (Hong Kong style), is one such restaurant. This restaurant is fairly easy to find, just use Le Meridien Hotel as a target point, since Sin Wang Char Chan Teng main door is facing the elegance five-star Le Meridien Hotel.

stired dry noodle with roasted pork

Many types of noodles are served here namely, Hong Kong style noodle, stired dry noodle, noodle soup, and even nissin noodle. And of course the very popular Wantan soup noodle is in the menu too. The wantan here is all prawn. Hong Kong style fried rice, as many as nine different types for the delight of the customers, ready to be ordered. Other popular dishes with rice are lemon chicken rice, pork chop rice, lamb chop & onion rice and soya sauce chicken wing rice, just to name a few. Highly recommended by the waiter is the Cheese Baked Rice, which comes in eight variations with a personal choice of three different sauces, white cream, Italian red wine, or Portuguese sauce. For a light meal one can nibble on the many yummy breads which come with lots of different decorations.

prawn wantan soup (6 pieces)

For beverage Sin Wang Char Chan Teng has a catalogue that has almost 50 different kinds of drinks. Firstly, these drinks are very colourful, red, blue, green, yellow, orange, and chocolate. What a sight. Next all these drinks are served in many different types of glass which come in all shapes and sizes, some are thin but tall, and others are short but round. It is very interesting for KK Lites as many of these glasses or cups are not found in the common kopitiams. Sometimes customers can have problems deciding which drinks to order with so many choices. Desserts like coconut, mango, lotus seed, red bean and ice creams are available too.

milk tea & yin yong leong fun

Sin Wang Char Chan Teng is a great place for meeting up with friends and family and an ideal place for fellowship. Classic style but modern in design sum up the interior of the restaurant. No wonder lots of young adults like to hang out here. The walls are filled up with big Hong Kong pictures. Both the Ground floor and the first floor are air-conditioned. Good news for smokers too, as part of the first floor section is an open air area that looks down to the main street below. Business hours are from 10am to 10:30pm, the last order is at 10:15pm. Now that you have read this, don’t forget to pay a visit to Sin Wang Char Chan Teng for a wonderful and satisfied meal.

Sin Wang Char Chan Teng
Unit B-G-15, Block B,
Ground Floor, Warisan Square,
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.

Tel: +6088 488 396

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