Kinabalu Park & Poring Hot Spring Day Trip

Mt. Kinabalu always looks magnificent and magestic on a cloudless day, and Mt. Kinabalu also acts as a beautiful back drop for the coastal region in and around Kota Kinabalu. A visit to Kota Kinabalu without visiting Mt. Kinabalu National Park is almost considered a crime, that is how closely related this city to the mountain is, when it comes to names. While it is not possible for every visitor to climb Mt. Kinabalu, as the park can only accommodate a limited number of climbers on any given day. But for a visit to Kinabalu Park Headquarters and Poring Hot Spring there are no such limit, every one is welcome. Most of the inbound tour agents have Kinabalu Park Day Trip on top of their list, since this is also the number one destination in Sabah.

Kinabalu Park Day Trip starts early in the morning when the coach or van driver picks up their guests in Kota Kinabalu various hotels and resorts. For the next two and half hours guests will be treated with the scenic view of the Crocker Range and the awesome view of Mt. Kinabalu, before reaching the eastern boundary of the Kinabalu Park, Poring Hot Spring. The first hour of the journey is a gentle rise to the hilly region, where view of rolling hills, green forests, small farms, and village houses which make up most of the landscape.

About an hour into the journey, the coach driver will stop at Pekan Nabalu for a short break. This is a good spot for taking pictures. A high tower of 40ft. was built just for this, where visitors can take great pictures of the surrounding regions and of course Mt. Kinabalu. Pekan Nabalu also has many food stalls that sell local produce like ground nuts, small banana (pisang emas), and honey. Beside the tower stands a 100 metres long-house that is full of souvenir stalls that sell just about anything one can imagine (local or imported). Some shops at Pekan Nabalu also carry the highly sought after Bird-Nests, at one time a Chinese Emperor’s delicacy.

After reaching the high ground near the entrance to Kinabalu Park Headquarters, at an altitude of 1,563 metres above sea level, the next hour journey is mostly down hill, passing through the small towns like Kundasang and Ranau, and finally arrive at Poring Hot Spring. This is where the adventures begin, first on the agenda is the Canopy Walkway. The canopy walkway is 157.8m long and has an average height of 41m. On the walkway one gets an birds’ eye view on the surrounding rainforests. After the walk one can visit the Butterfly farm nearby or dip the tired legs in the hot spring. Tubs, on a first come first served basic, are available although limited. The sulphur from the hot spring is believed to be good for the skin. In the right season rafflesia flower can also be viewed here.


Travelling back to the direction of Kinabalu Park Headquarters, and lunch will be served at one of the leading hotels at Kundasang. After an energy replenished lunch, one gets ready for an interesting education tour on the many plants and flowers of Mt. Kinabalu. At the botanical garden one will get to known plants like Nepenthes (pitcher plants), rhododendrons, and slipper orchids just to name a few. Occasionally birds of various kinds can be spotted in the trees. This forest boasts of some of the richest orchids in the world 1,200 species and still counting. 9 species of Nepenthes, 80 species of fig trees, and over 60 species of oaks and chestnuts are easily found in these forests. No wonder Kinabalu Park continues to attract top naturalists and botanists from all over the world. After an hour of botanical garden tour take a slow coach ride back to civilization, the journey to Kota Kinabalu shall end in the late afternoon.

Price starts from RM 190 ( Minimum 2 pax)

Tour includes:
Transportation, Park Entrance Fee,
Lunch (excluding beverages), and
an English speaking tour guide.

Tour Agents:

Inno Travel & Tour Services S/B
(with 18 years of experience)
tel: +6088 486 168
fax: +6088 486 708

Diethelm Borneo Expeditions
tel: +6088 266 353 / +6088 263 353
fax: +6088 260 353

Bundusan Travel
tel: +6088 721 917
fax: +6088 720 917

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