Clarence’s Home Grill Steak House

The Lintas Plaza is some 15 minutes drive away from Kota Kinabalu, and is an eatery heaven when night falls. Clarence’s Home Grill is one of the fine restaurants at Lintas Plaza that offers a nice and cool atmosphere for fine dinning. It has a very English interior design. Wooden tables and chair, red and black checker table cloths, nice wall pictures, quiet atmosphere, and very soft lighting. All these make Clarence’s Home Grill a wonderful place to enjoy a hearty Western Cuisine.

If you order the set meal, you will get to experience a full course European style dinner. Normally the meal starts with a bowl of salad, next the waiter will serve you soup of the day and garlic breads, after this the main course of choice will be served. For dessert ice-cream is served, and lastly guests get to choose either hot coffee or a cup of hot tea.

grilled snapper

home mixed grill

meat ball lasagne

Check out the “All Day Set Menu”. Set meals start with price as low as RM 18++. Customers only need to choose from the main course, and a standard soup, salad, ice cream and coffee and tea are all included in the set. Popular main courses, price at RM 18++ per set, are rosemary lamb chop, home mixed grill, grilled snapper, and pepper chicken chop. While Teriyaki Salmon (RM 22++ per set) and Australian Sirlion Steak (RM 26++ per set) are also available. For some added zees in your meal, why not try out the special set with just another RM 6 extra. This special set comes with a special chicken ga lantine fruits salad and baskin robbins ice-cream. Other than the “All Day Set Menu”, a la carte is also available.

coffee and tea

Clarence’s Home Grill Steak House
Lot 15, Lorong Lintas Plaza 3, Lintas Plaza,
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.
tel/fax: +6088 231 395

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