Fatt Kee (Fish-Mixed Specialist)

Fatt Kee, a small little store in Hilltop Commercial area, makes some of the most wonderful seafood noodles along the Lintas Highway. Specialities at this store are mixed fish noodle, fish head mee hoon, and tom yam noodle. Fatt Kee prepares many interesting and tasty fish parts in its dishes, from the common fish balls to less encountered fish lips, customers get to choose and mix what stuffs they like in their noodles. Some uncommon stuffs that warrant a mention are fish stomach, fish skin, fish slice, foo ken fish, and fish wanton. Scallops and prawns are also available. Like most Chinese way of serving noodle, one can order the noodle in soup or in dry black sauce. Two sizes are available, small size starts from RM 5.50, and the big one starts at RM 7.


fish mixed dry noodle with black sauce

tomato soup

The reddish orange soup serves at Fatt Kee is a yummy tomato base soup, and it is not an uncommon sight to see customers sip up all the soup. The tomato soup has a mild sour taste. For an extra RM 1 customers can have their tomato soup added with fresh milk, which will make the soup sour and sweet in taste. The Tom Yam noodle here is a novelty for KK Lites, as the Tom Yam soup serves at Fatt Kee is not too spicy, just right for the taste bud of most Sabahans. Children can also enjoy this milder spicy Tom Yam soup, and the Tom Yam noodle comes with four big prawns. Tom Yam noodle is priced at RM 10. The secret recipe for all these tasty fish-mixed noodles is simply fresh ingredents from the surrounding seas.

tom yam noodle

As Hilltop Commercial area sits on a small hill beside the Lintas Highway, everyday starting from 11am to 3pm guests at Fatt Kee, get to enjoy the refreshing cool sea breeze blowing in from the South China Sea. This natural cool breeze is even better than the air-condition, the open air area at Fatt Kee is a good place to chit-chat with friends too. Fatt Kee opens daily and business hours are from 6:30 am to 3 pm.

How to get there? Hilltop Commercial area is about 15 minutes drive from Kota Kinabalu, and is along Jalan Lintas between the Luyang-Bukit Padang traffic light and the Luyang Hospital traffic light. A good Landmark for indication is the brown 5-storey Prudential building, Fatt Kee store at Lee wong Kee Seafood Restaurant is just beside the Prudential building.

prudential building,

Fatt Kee

Fatt Kee
Lee Wong Kee Seafood Restaurant
Lot 6 Ground Floor,
1-0-3, Kolam Centre Phase 3,
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.
mobile: +6016 838 0238

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