Tenom Station

Tenom Station is a new cafe at City Mall. This cafe is named after the famous Tenom train station which was first opened to the public in 1905. To date Sabah is still the only place that has a railway system in the whole of Borneo. Sabah traditional coffee and the Colonial food are the specialities at Tenom Station. And the interior of this classic cafe has some details that resemble the old Tenom train station. The coffee powder used in this cafe comes direct from Sabah’s most famous coffee plantations in the interior town of Tenom.

Tenom Station used the Sabah traditional way of brewing coffee, this method employs a long stocking where coffee powder is inserted at the far end of the stocking, and very hot water is poured through the stocking. And wah lah! Strong and aromatic coffee will drip through the stocking. Tenom Station serves all sorts of “Kopi”, a malay word which was very widely used in North Borneo, when Sabah was still under the Bristish Colonial rule.

White coffee is also served here, funny that white coffee is actually black coffee, just that white coffee contains no added ingredient, well processed, and it is coffee at its puriest.

toast bread with butter & kaya

Foods on Tenom Station include the ever popular toast bread, fish ball and seafood noodles, and the very special Chicken Chop. This Chicken Chop has taste and style that dates way back to the colonial times. It is a fusion between the British taste and the local style, which the kopitiam operates to please both the British customers and locals alike. That’s why the Chicken Chop comes out in a very unique garvy, that is salty and sour in tatse. The toast bread at Tenom Station also uses the traditional way of toasting, simply using charcoal to toast them instead of the modern electrical toasters.

chicken chop

Some history on Tenom’s coffee. Tenom is 168km from Kota Kinabalu. The coffee plantations from Tenom have been suppling coffee beans and coffee powder to the West Coast area as early as the late 1800s. With the railway line from Tenom to Beaufort completed in the early 1900s, Tenom’s coffee then became famous throughout Sabah. Robusta is the main coffee spices planted in Tenom. Two well known plantations Yit Foh and Fatt Choi are still carrying on this tradition.

seafood kon lau man

If you like this coffee so much, packaged coffee powder is also avialable in Tenom Station, guests have a choice of White Powder Coffee at RM 8 or the Traditional coffee powder at RM 5. The package weights 200 gram.

Tenom Station
No S-1-9, 1st Floor, City Mall,
Lorong City Mall, Jalan Lintas,
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia

Tel: +6016 810 7183 (Mr. Chee)

Tenom Station Gallery:

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