Krishna’s Fish Head Restaurant

Kota Kinabalu does not have many Indian eateries, since only a small minority of Indains live here. But if mention about tasty curry in Kota Kinabalu, many KK Lites will point the way to Krishna’s Fish Head Restaurant. Established in 1994, and located at the Grand Millennium Plaza which is about 15 minutes drive from the city, Krishna’s Fish Head Restaurant occupies two corner shops facing each other, and it also has an air-conditioned room on the first floor. As the restaurant’s name implies Curry Fish Head is the most popular dish at this eatery. If you’ve been to Krishna’s you will notice almost every table would have a bowl of curry fish head that comes in various sizes. The curry fish heads are in three different sizes, namely medium (RM 30), large (RM 35), and extra large (RM45).

Almost all dishes in Krishna’s Fish Head Restaurant are curry based, and other than curry fish head, Krishna’s is also famous for its banana leaf meals. The meal starts with a plain piece of banana leaf, next rice, and vegetables like sprout, egg plant, cabbage, and long bean are added on. Four choices of daily set meals are available, and they are mutton, chicken, fish, and vegetarian. On Friday and Saturday guests will have an extra treat, when they get to replace the usual white rice with the yummy nasi beryani.

nasi beryani

curry cuttlefish

As many KK Lites are not used to very spicy food, some guests at Krishna’s comment that the curry is very spicy. Well the boss said “that is good, because when the curry is spicy, after we eat it, tears start to flow from our eyes, which is a natural way of cleaning our eyes. We don’t need to spend extra money on Eye-Mo.” At this restaurant it pays to be nice and friendly to the boss, because he will treat you to a nice cup of hot tea after a great curry meal. Note: the two corner shops have two different kind of lightings, where guests can choose between the bright white light, or the warm and relaxed brown light.

How to get there? Use the Penampang By-pass, if you are from Kota Kinabalu the Penampang By-pass starts at the road about at the State Mosque in Sembulan. After the Lintas road traffic light, Grand Millennium Plaza is about 2 km on the left hand side, and Krishna’s Fish Head Restaurant is a few shops away from the CKS Supermarket.

Krishna’s Fish Head Restaurant
Lot 33, Grand Millennium Plaza, Jalan Lintas,
Penampang, Sabah, Malaysia.
Tel: +6088 731 000 / +6088 731 111

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