Sabah Tea Garden

Sabah Tea Garden located at the district of Ranau, is about 3-hours drive from Kota Kinabalu, and just under an hour drive from Kinabalu Park Headquaters. This tea garden, a six thousand acre plantation, is surrounded by tropical rainforest, believe to be one of the world’s oldest. Sabah Tea Garden has a total tea planting area of about one thousand acres, and is also an international certified organic farm.

A trip to Sabah Tea Garden will not be complete if one does not go for the Tea Factory Tour. On the Tea Factory Tour guests will learn about tea cultivating, harvesting, and processing. Guests will also get a personal experience of harvesting the tea leafs. On top of all these, guests will be enriched with tips on how to recongnize premium teas, and discover ideal tea brewing techniques. The guided tour can be arranged upon arrival or better contact the management before hand. Note: The Tea Factory Tour, price at RM 10 per person, is available from 8am to 12 noon and will take about one hour.


Business events and social gathering activities like company meetings, conferences, seminars, training workshops, team building programmes, annual dinner gatherings, group spiritual retreats, and school holiday educational trips can all be arranged with Sabah Tea Garden. Recreational activites like jungle trekking, mountain biking, and jungle survival skill, are available because of the large forest landscape of Sabah Tea Garden.




Types of accommodation available at Sabah Tea Garden are the Bungalows, and the popular Rungus Longhouses. There are three units of Bungalows each with 3 rooms, which can sleep up to four persons. The room at the Bungalows is priced at RM 100 per unit. The Rungus Longhouse which is built with bamboo has tweenty five rooms, and each room can sleep up to three persons. Longhouse room is priced at RM 75 per room.

While at Sabah Tea Garden do visit the Quailey’s hills, which carries a deep scar in Sabah’s history. During the Second World War the Sandakan Death March passed through this area, almost all of the two thousands or so P.O.W suffered horrible death and so did Mr. Quailey. He was buried at this hill, although after the war his remains have since been moved to the Labuan Australian War Memorial, hence this hill was name after Quailey in memory of his death.


A great place to end the Sabah Tea Garden visit has to be the Sabah Tea Garden restaurant. This restaurant is situated on a hill-top and has a great view of the surrounding natural forests, with a large part of the view being tea plantation. Sip some hot tea, enjoy the cool air, and on a clear day catch a glimpse of the gigantic and magnificient Mount Kinabalu.

Near by interesting places to explore are Moroli River (Fish Therapy )Poring Hot Spring, Mt. KinabaluKinabalu Park Headquaters, Kundasang War Memorial, and Kundasang Town,

How to get there? From Kota Kinabalu travel to the small town of Ranau, some 130 km away. From Ranau, follow the Ranau- Sandakan road, and the junction to Sabah Tea Garden is just 17 km away. From the junction one will have to travel about 3 km of garvel road before reaching the Sabah Tea Garden factory and restaurant.

Sabah Tea Garden
Km 17, Ranau – Sandakan Road, Kampung Nalapak,
Ranau, Sabah, Malaysia.

Kota Kinabalu Office:
Tel: +6088 440 882
Fax: +6088 423 448

Ranau Office:
Tel: +6088 879 220
Fax: +6088 879 224


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