Utan Paradise Jungle Lodge

The Utan Paradise Jungle Lodge is situated in the heart of Crocker Range along the road from Kimanis to Keningau. This 40 acres of prime land runs along the boundary of Crocker Range National Park, which is also the largest park in the whole of Sabah with an area of almost 140,000 hectares. These forested mountains act as a water catchment for the west coast district and was gazetted as a national park in 1984. That is why conservation of the forest is the main aim of the management of Utan Paradise Jungle Lodge. Guests and visitors can contribute to the forest conservation programme by donating or planting a tree.

The surrounding forests at Utan Paradise Jungle Lodge are home to many birds, insects and wildlife. Some of these creatures are unique to the jungle of Borneo. Explore a one hour trail that leads to the heart of Crocker Range National Park, wildlife like orang utan, red-muntjac deer, civet cat, and the ever so cute slow loris can be spotted in these forests. A night safari can aslo be arranged with the Utan Paradise Jungle Lodge guide, Inous, to see animals and birds that hunt only in the dark. For the insect enthusiasts this place is just as good as any. Insects like giant ants, moths, butterflies, cicarda and the rare stick insects are the inhabitants to these forests.

stick insect

Sabah formally known as North Borneo is slowly, with words of mouths, and in time will become a bird watcher paradise. Since Sabah is located near the equator and with different climate zones between the lowland and mountain ranges, many migrating birds from the Northern Hemisphere will pass through here to the Southern hemisphere during the winter months and vise versa. There are also a number of endemic birds found here. Types of birds that can be found in the Crocker Range National Park are the Great Argus Pheasant, the endemic golden-naped barbet, and the White-fronted Falconet. The White-fronted Falconet is found only in the northwest of Borneo, and it is the world’s smallest raptor (predator) you don’t mind waking up early around dusk, walk up to the small observatory located right at the edge of the garden, from where the hornbills can be spotted among the trees.

the small observatory platform

A detour to the Kinolosodon River can be arranged with the management of Utan Paradise Jungle Lodge. The Kinolosodon River is about 15 minutes away by cars on the low lands. The source of the river is high up on the Crocker Mountain Range which is why the river water is clear, cool and very refreshing. One part of the Kinolosodon River has very interesting geology findings. Some ten to fifteen giant stones, and some of them almost ten feet high are exposed here after years of battering by the river. Have a swim in the river and practice some somersault dive from the top of the big stone, this will rejuvenate the body by the cool refreshing water. Do watch out for the river current as some parts of the river have strong current. The Kinolosodon River also has a beautiful sandy beach which makes the place ideal for a picnic.

The accommodation at Utan Paradise Jungle Lodge is rustic and basic, yet it is very comfortable and clean. The main building is made up of bamboo walls and floors, the roof is steep in typically local village style with attap roofing. Two rooms, each with 7 wooden beds that are ready with insect netting, define the main building, and the two rooms are divided by a centre open space. Two nice kitchens, both equipped with gas stoves and dinning area, are at either side of the main building. BBQ stoves are also available. Five A-frame huts with camping tent inside are located at the back of the main building. The A-frame huts are very popular with guests, especially with KK Lites. To sleep in the A-frame huts some how seems more adventurous than sleeping in the main building, as the A-frame huts are located just next to the forest. These A-frame huts are very comfortable as mattress and pillows are ready inside the tent.

bunk-beds with insect netting

Single bed is RM 30 per person, and the A-frame hut costs RM 60 per unit. An A-frame hut can sleep two to three persons.To use the kitchen plus another RM 10 per group. Each person will also need to pay RM 10 conservation fee to enter Utan Paradise Jungle Lodge. This place can accommodate up to 30 persons at a time.

the A-Frame huts

The Utan Paradise Jungle Lodge with its beautiful forest is a perfect place to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Birds and insects also act as a natural radio station where endless songs are buzzing out from the forests. With an altitude of 1,800 feet above sea level and an average temperature of 22 degrees Celsius, this is also an ideal place to chill and relax.

kitchen and dinning table

How to get there? Drive from Kota Kinabalu to Kimanis and follow the newly completed highway of Kimanis to Keningau. Utan Paradise Jungle Lodge is about 3 km on the left after passing the Crocker Range National Park office.

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