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prosperity beef burger

Is that time of the year again where the essence of prosperity fills the air. Every shopping mall in and around Kota Kinabalu is buzzing with Chinese New Year songs, and many KK Lites have started to stock up as they welcome the coming Chinese Lunar New Year. Like the year before this year McDonald’s has once again rolled out its popular Prosperity Burgers, which will be on sale for a short period during the Chinese New Year feastival season.


prosperity double beef burger

To welcome the year of the ox, McDonald’s has come out with a new prosperity burger called double beef prosperity burger, which makes the burger even more beefy. The double beef burger has two long rectangular beef patties instead of just one, which makes it look even bigger and larger. Every year the prosperity burger sauce is slightly different, and this year is no exception. The burger sauce is even more spicier than last year, with an extra strong spice in pepper. Another way to describe this is that (the sauce is so hot and spicy that) one can literally feel like a dragon with fire shooting out of the mouth. The combo comes with Twister Fries and a soft drink of your choices, and is priced at RM 22 (with tax and service). This double beef prosperity burger is a must have for any McDonald’s fans (I already had them twice).


McDonald’s at 1Borneo Hypermall

If one finds the Double Prosperity Burger too heavy for a meal, then opts for the usual Prosperity Burger which consists of just one beef patty. The combo is RM 18 (with tax and service). Other than beef prosperity burgers, chicken prosperity burger, and double chicken prosperity burger are also available.


Big and Tasty Burger

Big and Tasty is another new item on the McDonald menu. This delicious burger is decorated with beef patty, vegetables and mayonnaise. And the combo comes with fun and interesting McShaker Fries. One is given a big paper bag containing ordinary french fries, and one needs to put the McShacker seasoning into the bag and shack well. The result is the french fries taste like ordinary potatoes chips.




Where to find McDonald’s in Kota Kinabalu? All together there are six McDonlad’s outlets in Kota Kinabalu. Located right in the city centre are the AsiaCity McDonald’s and the Centre Point Shopping McDonald’s, situated on the basement food court. Next one is at the ground floor of Komplex Karamunsing. Another two outlets are found along Jalan Sulaman, one is beside the Shell Station near the big round about, and the other one is at concourse floor, 1Borneo Hypermall. While the lastest and newest McDonald’s outlet is at the Kota Kinabalu International Airport.


McShaker Bag
McShaker Bag
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