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sirloin steak

Everyday when dusk falls suddenly KK Lites have hosts of Western food restaurants to choose from, and almost in every corner of the major surburbs there will be a Western food restaurant. Somehow it seems that KK Lites only love to venture out for steak, lamb chop or chicken chop at night, that’s why there are so many of these Western food restaurants open only for business at night. Well that’s the life style here, so like the saying goes when in Rome do as the Romans do.

Located at Heritage Plaza which is situated next to the Damai General Hospital, Restaurant Eddie has been opened for business for almost a decade now. Since then people have been praising the tasty platters dishing out by Restaurant Eddie. The setting of this restaurant resembles most of KK kopitiams, with round wooden tables or plastic tables and plastic chairs. Outdoor seatings are preferable since at night the outdoor area is colder, but do watch out for raining days, when the indoor seating area would be a far better choice.

grilled salmon

One of the main reasons why Eddie Restaurant has so many repeated customers, is because Eddie Restaurant gives big portion of food on almost every single platter. Take the Lamb Chop for example the roasted meats are stacked on each other, layer after layer, so much so that they look like almost on the brink of falling off the plate. There so much cutting to do until the hands are tired. The Sirloin Steak is another good example with meat almost an inch thick, a lot of chewing needs to be done before one gets to finsih off this tasty black pepper steak. The lamb and beef are imported all from the oceanic continent of New Zealand.


If one likes to go for more healthy food, there are Grilled Salmon and Fish and Chips from the menu. The Grilled Salmon is worth a try since Eddie Restaurant has their Salmon imported all the way from the order side of the world from Norway. There are also Chicken Chop, and Chicken Nuggets on the menu for those who can’t live without them . All in all Eddie Restaurant is a good place to have a nice yummy plate of western food, and with its generous portion of meats served, it is also value for your money.

Note: Restaurant Eddie also provides catering service for dinner, party, and any functions.

Business Hours: 5:30 pm to 11:00 pm

Restaurant Eddie

Lot 17, Block C,
Ground Floor, Heritage Plaza,
Off Jalan Lintas, Luyang,
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.

Tel/Fax: +6088 714 194

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