Nabalu Lodge (2008)

Note: New Nabalu Lodge has reopened in September, 2010.
This post is kept here so that readers can see what the old Nabalu Lodge looked Like.
For the new Nabalu Lodge follow the link above.

Less than 100 metres away from the busy Kundasang Market, and with the beautiful Mt. Kinabalu as the back drop, lies this simple and cosy budget accommodation called Nabalu Lodge. Travellers will have no problems looking for it, as it is situated just next to the KK – Sandakan road. The Nabalu Lodge has just 16 rooms for rent, and the rooms are divided into six different types. The room rate starts from a very affordable RM 65 to a rather standard price of RM 150. Add in RM 20 to the room rate, and breakfast will be included.

All the rooms at Nabalu Lodge have a simple and clean design. There are no fancy design, and each room has a ceiling fan, not like one needs it much. The night time temperature at Kundasang on average drops to a range of 20 to 18 degrees Celsius. Good quality mattresses are used here, and a wardrobe is provided. Each room also comes with an attached washroom, which includes (a must have) hot shower and toilet.



Room Types Number Of Units Published Rates (PR) PR with breakfast
Super Single
5 RM 65 RM 85
Deluxe Single
1 RM 65 RM 85
Twin 3 RM 90 RM 130
Deluxe Twin 2 RM 90 RM 130
Queen 4 RM 120 RM 160
Suite 2 RM 150 RM 190

from left to right: twin, queen, deluxe single

For food and beverage the Nabalu Cafe Lodge’s menu comes with a rather impressed range of selection, as it is not a big restaurant. Western, Chinese and local delight, like Nasi Lemak, are all available. The most popular dinner speciality at Kundasang is the steamboat. Three types of Steamboat selections are available namely mini steam boat (RM 19), nabalu steam boat (RM 38), and family steam boat (RM 25 per pax). The steam boat has food like vegetables, meats, and seafood, where guests need to cook the food themselves, and guests can choose between Tom Yam soup or Chicken soup. These soups are a great way to warming up the body temperature against the cold surroundings. Check out the out door cafe under the tree next to the main restaurant, this is a good place to relax, enjoy the weather, and sip up a hot cup of tea. From here one can see the nearby busy vegetable markets, which continues with the farmland in the valley below, and of course the magnificent Mount Kinabalu above.

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How to get here? All buses to Ranau and Sandakan will pass by Kundasang. Since Nabalu Lodge is right beside the road, hop off the bus and Nabalu Lodge will be right in front. Bus station is located near the Kota Kinabalu town padang. Taxi is also available near KK town padang.

Nabalu Lodge
Kundasang Town, Ranau,
Sabah, Malaysia.

tel: +6088 889 789 / +6016 232 6179
fax: +6088 889 179

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