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After years of waiting the KK Times Square Shoplots which is situated next to the Sutera Harbour Golf course along the Coastal Highway has finally been completed. Like most part of Kota Kinabalu City, it is built on a reclaimed land. Decades ago this area used to be a swallow sea bed, and it was not unusual to see fishermen walking along the beach during low tide catching crabs and clams. Presently, the KK Times Square Shoplots has a unique feature that all the shops are walled with tall big glasses. Giving all these shops a lot of exposure expescially at night, when the lights from the interior are shining brightly. In one of the corners of KK Time Square Complex there lies BBQ House, a true Korean Restaurant. BBQ House is run by a Korean owner, and is one of the first shop to open its door for business at Times Square.

BBQ House has a rather small menu with just about 10 different items to choose from, and of course it is specialised in barbeque cooking. All the tables at BBQ House are equipped with a gas burner that tops up with a sliverly round metal plate for grilling. Marinated Pork Ribs BBQ and Grilled Pork Slice are two of the most popular sets served here. Both the Marinated Pork Ribs BBQ and Grilled Pork Slice sets come with as many as six different appetiziers. Customers can choose the leisure of DIY concept or can have one of the staff to grill for them. Since it is pork, it is important to make sure the meats are well cooked. Once they are cooked both the Marinated Pork Ribs BBQ and Grilled Pork Slice are simply delicious.

One of the major difference from other Korean Restaurants is that BBQ House offers unlimited refill for their special appetizers. Yes! One can ask again and again. Most of these Korean cuisine appetizers are sour and spicy in taste. Mixed them up with hot steamy rice or the special leafy green vegetable provided, both will give our taste bud a new experience, single out the cumcumber pickles and the smashed potatoes which taste especially nice.

Another popular dish from BBQ House is the Spicy Chicken Stew, from which customers can have a choice of ordering half size or whole chicken. The half size is good for two persons and the whole size can serve up to four persons. The Spicy Chicken Stew is presented with a big black wok, with colourful vegetables of green, red, and yellow. Steel Fried Beef in Claypot, Preserved Raw Crab and Grilled Spicy Korean Dried fish, are the other dishes on the menu, and all the above dishes come with rice. On every Wednesday do check out the Korean Wonton Soup which costs a wopping RM20. And there are Kim Chi, a Korean must have, for take away.

Below are the BBQ House price guide:
Marinated Pork Ribs BBQ – RM 26
Grilled Pork Slice – RM 23
Spicy Chicken Stew – RM 35 (half size) and RM 55 (whole)
Steel Fried Beef in Claypot – RM 23
Preserved Raw Crab – RM 35
Grilled Spicy Korean Dried fish – RM 25


The BBQ House is a small restaurant with a seating capacity for only about 34 persons. The interior looks clean with white walls, and has a brightly lit atmosphere/surrounding. The dark brown wooden tables and chairs, as well as the brown wooden floor bring some contrasting look to the place. Well mannered and friendly staffs help make the restaurant a wonderful place to dine in. Since the place is new there are ample of parking space, and there is also an underground car park available.

How to get here? Taxi is the best bet here, and one way fare from KK city will cost about RM 8. City buses that travel south on Coastal Highway will all have to pass here, bus fare is at RM 1.


Business Hours:
Noon 11 am to 2:30 pm
Evening 6 pm to 10 pm

BBQ House Korean Reastaurant
Blk I, I-49-G, Grd Flr & 1st Flr,
KK Times Square Phase 1,
Coastal Highway,
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.

tel: 6088 486 100
fax: 6088 486 200

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