Grace Point

Grace Park food court has a wide varieties of food which can be ordered from the many small stores. These stores have local and foreign cuisines from a few Asian countries. Starting with local food one will not miss the famous Malaysian Nasi Lemak. One can also try the Baba & Nyonya food which is uniquely Malaysian, made popular by the Straits Malacca Chinese. One must also check out the last store called Ethnic Sabah, which offers many dishes that are of Sabah natives original. The rice served is the unpolished rice cultivated by the Crocker Range hill community.

Interested in some hot and spicy food then one can try out the Indian and Thai stores. Thinking of some Kimchi, no worry a Korean store is available just for that. Want to go Western then head over to the Western food corner where one can order steak, french fries, chicken chops, lamb chops, and fish and chips. There is also one store which specializes in claypot cooking, and the beverage corner has soft drinks, juices and hot drinks for sale.

Rice and Noodles are two of the most common stable food found in South East Asia Countries, and Grace Park has two special stores for that, presenting House of Rice and House of Noodles. In House of Noodles many different kinds of noodles are served. Have them fried, wet or dry, mixed in dark sauce or in hot soup, House of Noodles is not going to disappoint the customers. House of Rice has just as many varieties of dishes with rice for customers to choose from.

Besides these small stores there is one big restaurant name Wagamama Japanese Restaurant. As the name implies Wagamama Japanese Restaurant serves Japanese Cuisine, set meals as well as many different kinds of small plates of sushi. 

The washroom at Grace Point is one of the best eateary washroom in Kota Kinabalu. This uniquely built washroom, which was designed by a local lab, has a rocky garden, with tall plants, built into it, making the words nature call more apt.

Business Hours: 8am to 11pm

Grace Point
Jalan Pantai Sembulan,
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia
tel: 6088 318 888

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