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Being a social animals that we human are, through out the year we are invited to many important function or parties like birthdays, anniversary, weddings, house warming and the list goes on and on. Giving gifts to our host has become a very common tradition in this present time, and gifts ideas also have evolved a lot, from writing a simple thank you card, to the ever sophisticated latest must have gifts. Something D’fferent, a cool gift shop at 1Borneo Hypermall, has a wide range of items for anyone who are planning a perfect gift for his or her host or love ones.

Soft toys, cuddly toys, teddy bears or stuffed animals, the many names that we have given to them, these cute and adorable stuffed animals have always make our heart melted, especially the children. Something D’fferent has stocked many of these adorable stuffed animals which comes in all kind of form, shape and size. The gift shop also carries well known brand names like RUSS and Yomiko Classics. These stuffed toys range from colourful animals like penguins, bears, monkeys and the ever popular extinct dinosaurs. The domestic house cats and dogs, man best friend are featured in many of the soft toys too. Legendary creatures and cartoon characters are also featured in the staffed toys category. With so many stuffed toys, it is easy to make some one happy.

Other gift items that make their way to Something D’fferent include interesting mugs, unique glasses, key chains, creative signs, house deco, picture frames and albums, just to name a few. Collection items and toys like Hello Kitty and Color Bear are on sale here too. A small corner at Something D’fferent also carries selected gift items on Sabah, specially for the tourists. Visit Something D’fferent and find out even more gift ideas on displayed there.

A gift shop is not complete, if it does not carry any cards for special occasion. Here at Something D’fferent there are enough cards to cover all occasions, be it birthday, wedding, or anniversary. A unique Black and White card specially imported by Something D’fferent is also available for those whose does not like their card too colourful. Many colourful bags, boxes and wrapping papers in a few different sizes are stocked for customers to choose for the ultimate present. Present wrapping service is provided at a minimal fee.

Something D’fferent has two more outlets in Kota Kinabalu, one is located at Centre Point Shopping Centre and the other one is located at the trendy Warisan Square, with a different name, Living Culture.

Something D’fferent
F 609, 1sr floor,
1Borneo Hypermall.


Something D’fferent
D 44-45, 3rd floor,
Centre Point Sabah.

Living Culture
1Borneo Hypermall

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