Five Sails

Buffet dinner at Five Sails is a nice and full affair, loads of interesting gourmets to fill up ones stomach. Five Sails is one of the restaurants at the Magellan Sutera Resort. Guests get to choose the cool interior air condition room or the open air pool side seating area. Buffets are served daily at breakfast and dinner, except on every Sunday a mid-noon grand lunch time buffet is included.

The all you can eat idea at buffet has always attract those who love to eat but not worry about getting a bigger body. These people will feel very much at home at Five Sails. Every night ample of foods, like main courses, assorted salads, fresh fruits, sweet desserts, waffles, sushi, pastas and pizzas, local favourite noodle, and the list go on, are prepared for the resort guests and walk in customers.

Salad are normally the starter before the main course, and at Five Sails there are plenty of different types of salads for guests to start and start again. “Chicken roulade with yellow mustard”, “thai fish cake on young mango”, “crab stick mango timbale”, “roasted tomato with beef bacon”, “assorted cold meat platter”, and “caesar salad” to name a few are line up in circle on a special table.

The main course includes a variety of platters, to name a few here, like “roasted vegetables with herbs”, “spinach gnocchi”, “vegetable paella”, “braised soya duck and tofu”, “steamed grass prawn and fish”, and “chicken leek and mushroom pie”. The chef also serves whole roasted herbs marinated beef strip loin or chicken, together with the mushroom sauce which make a good tasty combination. And for some spicy food one can try out the chicken kurma or fish head curry with lady finger. Some make to order platters includes pastas, pizzas, waffle, and the local delight “laksa johor”.

More than enough sauces are provided for guests to mix and match the desire tasty to go with their food. The list of sauces include cocktail sauce, thai chilli sauce, shallot vinaigrette dressing, wasabi mayonnaise, french dressing, balsamic vinaigrette dressing, and thousand island dressing.

Assorted of colourful and sweet desserts are prepared at Five Sails to make ones heart jump. Some of the tasty and mouth watering desserts include dark and white chocolate profiterole pyramid, green tea timbale, cheese and nuts filo, mini apple pie, butter scotch and chocolate bavaroise, mango meringue slice, vanilla and raspberry terrine, strawberry and vanilla japanese cake, and yam and walnut cake. Guests get a free flow of coffee and tea, and the service at Five Sails is also of high standard. Conclusion: Five Sails does have more than enough food to make one really full.

International Daily Breakfast

RM 45 per person
Time: 6:00 am to 10:30 am

International Daily Special Theme Corner

Sunday to Friday : RM 72.00 per person
Saturday : RM 80.00 per person (With Local Cultural Dance)
Time : 6:30pm to 10:00pm

Sunday Brunch
Rise and dine in style on Sundays with Five Sails’ Sunday Brunch! Feast on a lavish buffet of Tantalising European specialities.

RM 70 per person
Time : 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm

* Price is in Ringgit Malaysia and is subject to 10% service charge and 5% government tax.

Five Sails
Level 1, The Magellan Sutera
1 Sutera Harbour Boulevard
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.
tel: 6088 308 300

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