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Coffee was first discovered in the highland of Ethiopia, and was first consumed in the 9th century. From Africa it is spread all over the world, and today this black beverage is one of the most popular drink around. For many people a cup of coffee is their first drink, after getting out of bed from a good night sleep. Because of the undiminishing demand for better coffee, brewing high quality coffee has become a big global business.

Starbucks Coffee opened its first cafe in Seattle, USA in the early 80s, and today it has become almost ubiquitous, Starbucks Coffee can be found at every major cities in the world. In 2008 Starbucks Coffee opened it’s 100th outlet In Malaysia, what a mile stone, and in Kota Kinabalu along there are five Starbucks Coffee outlets. KK Lites need not go far to have a good caffeine fixed.

A visit to Starbucks Coffee will have ones learning new words like Cappucino, Latte, and Espresso. The simplest coffee drink to order at Starbucks is “Coffee of the Day”, where freshly brewed coffee is sourced from Latin-America, Indonesia, and Africa or a blend of all three. Most Starbucks drinks come in three sizes, namely tall, grande and venti. A tall “Coffee of the day” is price around RM 7 in Malaysia.

starbucks at 1borneo hypermall

The most favourite Starbucks drink in Malaysia is undoubtedly the Frappuccino, a refreshing and cooling blended beverages. One can have iced blended beverage with coffee or with cream. For the iced blended beverage with coffee, there are choices of chocolate, caramel, expresso, and mocha. While the iced blended beverage with cream, comes with choices like caramel, green tea,and vanilla. Even iced blended fruits juice like mango passion fruit, and raspberry blackcurrant is also available. To learn more about Starbucks beverages, visit Starbucks’ Malaysia website.

starbucks at city mall

Zipping a cup of coffee or Chatting over old time with friends, ones will feel very much as home at Starbucks Coffee. The sofa seats are often highly sought-after, while the interior is sophisticated and has a slick feel to it. Furnitures like the sofas, tables, and chairs are all designed and imported from the USA. Good Wifi connection is also available at all the Starbucks outlets.

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Where to find Starbucks Coffee in Kota Kinabalu? Two outlets can be found in the city, one at Warisan Square, and the other one is at Centre Point Shopping Centre. City Mall’s Starbucks Coffee is located just beside the mall entrance. While the biggest shopping mall in Sabah, 1Borneo Hypermall has two Starbucks Coffee outlets.

starbucks next to GSC at 1borneo hypermall

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