Tanjung Ria Cafe

One nice place to enjoy a hearty buffet in downtown Kota Kinabalu is at the Tanjung Ria Cafe at Hyatt Regency Kota Kinabalu. Hyatt Regency Kota Kinabalu location at the centre of the city makes it very appealing to tourists and local alike. Buffets are served at Tanjung Ria Cafe during breakfast, lunch and dinner. Most of the nights International Buffet is the main theme, except on Friday night Indian Buffet is served and on Saturday night Texas and Mexican Buffet is served instead. For those who like an extra feast the Hi-Tea on Saturday and Public Holidays is a must, guests are treated to the International Lunch Buffet at Tanjung Ria Cafe plus the Japanese Restaurant Buffet next door, yes two in one.

Mabul Island

Picture courtesy of Borneo Divers

Mabul Island lied 35 km south east to Semporna town, a fish village on the south eastern part of Sabah. With an area of 200-hectare, the island is quiet flat and is almost completely covered with coconuts trees. Beautiful sandy beaches surround the oval shaped island, and guest can easily walk around the island in less than an hour, and during low tide Mabul Island seems to be bigger as the shoreline extends further out to the sea. Wooden houses, on stilts with atap roof top are inhabited by the Bajaus, can be seen at numerous spot on the Island. The Bajaus are traditional fishermen and with their generations of pass down knowledge on the Celebes Sea, today many of them work as boat men, ferrying divers to Sipadan Island and the other surround Islands, including Mataking Island and the Kapalai reef.

Sipadan Island

Sipadan Island was not even in the world map until in the early 80s when a group of divers from Sabah stumbled upon this magnificent underwater world. After that slowly but surely Sipadan Island is on its way to International fame. Through the few that have been here and with words of mouth, Sipadan has steadily attracted divers from all over the world. Even the great Jacques Cousteau was in awe with its beauty, especially the abundance and diversity of marine life. Because of the Island enormous economical potential, Indonesia also laid claim to this small oceanic island, and in the years 2002 the International World Court handed the dispute to Malaysia.

Kim Fah Restaurant

kim fah restaurant

Development in Kota Kinabalu City has been gaining speed in the last couples of years, new houses and new apartments can be seen completed along a few highways that leading out of the city. And also many new shop lots, new offices and new shopping malls have opened for businesses too. With more new investments coming into Kota Kinabalu, so are new jobs being created. More people means more mouths to feed. At the Plaza Grand Milennium there are as many as 11 eateries at this shopping Plaza along. These eateries consist of Chinese, Indian, and Nyonya restaurants, and even Fusion of Western and Chinese cuisines like Sam Pok Restaurant is available.

assam curry fish head

Kim Fah Restaurant has set up it shop here too. The owner of Kim Fah was originally from Beaufort, a small town about 2 hours by car south of Kota Kinabalu. Kim Fah Restaurant is specialised in Chinese cuisine, and it has a few other outlets around KK. At the Plaza Grand Milennium branch there is plenty of parking too.

Tanjung Aru Beach

Beaches have always enlighten the mind and heart of generations, with fun, joy, and peace. Children’s love for the beaches is unquestionable. Running aimlessly on the sand, building sand castles, and crushing into the gentle waves, seem to bring endless fun and joy to them. While adults would organize lots of activities at the beaches, from families picnics to BBQ parties, from leisure activities to competition sports. Many people weekends’ blissful lives evolve around the beaches too. For the peace seeking individuals, walking along a quiet beach, listening to the sound of the rushing waves, and absorbing the beauty of nature around, can do a lot of good for the heart and soul.

Starbucks Coffee

Coffee was first discovered in the highland of Ethiopia, and was first consumed in the 9th century. From Africa it is spread all over the world, and today this black beverage is one of the most popular drink around. For many people a cup of coffee is their first drink, after getting out of bed from a good night sleep. Because of the undiminishing demand for better coffee, brewing high quality coffee has become a big global business.

Restoran Dowish

Tucked away from the main road, and shielded away from the public eyes, the Grace Point Food Court is one of Kota Kinabalu most trendy eating outlets. Located at Sembulan, which is opposite to the Sutera Harbour Hotels, and just 2 km away from Kota Kinabalu, Grace Point Food Court consists of many hawker style outlets that specialise in one or two local or foreign flavours.
Note: Sadly the Dowish Restaurant at Grace Point Food Court has closed down in November, 2008. The other branch at Penampang is still open.

fried clams with oyster sauce

Toscani’s Wine & Dine Cafe

baked garlic pesto oyster

With view like Gaya Island on one side, and the international Sutera Harbour Golf course on the other side, Toscani’s Wine & Dine Cafe, which offers a fusion of Italian and Spanish Cuisines, is a great place to dine and wine down after a busy day.

toscani’s wine & dine cafe

Located at the Waterfront Kota Kinabalu, which is one of the best gourmet destinations in Kota Kinabalu City, and with the South China Sea fronting the Cafe, Toscani’s Wine & Dine is right in the centre of the city. It is also within walking distance from most of the city Hotels, and just a stone throw away from Warisan Square and Centre Point Shopping Mall.