Tip of Borneo


A three hours drive through picturesque padi fields and lush green forests toward the north of Kota Kinabalu, will inevitably lead one to the Tip Of Borneo, which is about 40 kilometres from Kudat. Ever since the road to the Tanjung Simpang Mengayau, the local named for Tip of Borneo, was sealed a few years back, and proper facilities like car park, cafeteria, and toilet are in place, this wilderness headland at the northwestern most tip of Borneo island has become a very popular spot for both locals and tourists alike.

From the car park a small clay paver road, dotted with many Rungus’ motifs, leads to the promontory, which is decorated by a truncated globe monument and a flagpole. The truncated globe monument seems like an eye-catching point for many visitors, as many of them are seen happily queuing up to take photos with the shorten globe for remembrance.

truncated globe monument

brick walkway leading to the tip of borneo

A short walk down the slope behind the shorten globe will lead one to a cliff where a warning sign was in place to tell people about the danger on walking down further. The cliff offers an overall view of the surrounding seas, with South China Sea on the west and the Sulu Sea on the north-east. The scenic light house and sand bank can be seen on the north east and the exposed bed rocks on the west . During low tide a dark gray oblong shape rock that looks like a submarine can be seen emerged from the sea. This rock is always the centre of attraction, because this is where the true tip of Borneo ends.

the end of the tip

Despite of the multilingual warning sign the adventurous heart in us human always gets the better of us. During low tides many visitors brave the warning sign and climb down the cliff, and come into contact with many of the exposed bed rocks. Most visitors will continue on the long oblong shape rock at the centre, they will only stop when the end has been reached, this is where the rock and the sea meet. Feeling a sense of archivement and more photos will be taken. Words of advice: do not attempt this on high tides and rainy day, the rocks can be very slippery.

natural stairway

While down there also check out the rocks formation on the cliff which took thousands of years to form. Expescially the soft rocks in yellow colours that have been chiselled away from the many pounding of the waves. At the centre is the stairway-like rock shape with steps, that nature has crafted out, to aid the visitors to climb down and up on the exposed rock face surrounded by sea.

sunset at the tip of borneo

Sunset can be seen at many places, but the position of the Tip of Borneo makes the sunset view even better if not magnificent. Here the sun can be seen right at the middle of the sea and directly facing the Tip of Borneo. One can bring a few glasses and a bottle of wine to enjoy with friends, while watching this few moments of great natural beauty when the sun comes crushing down to the sea.

kalampunian beach

Right before the Tip of Borneo is the impressive 2 kilometre Kalampuniam Beach, which can be easily included among the best beaches in Sabah, although many magnificent beaches are still yet to be discovered. White sandy beach and crystal clear water are the main features of this beach, which is perfect for swimming and sun bathing. Picnicking at the beach is also ideal since many trees and a few huts along the shoreline offer great protection from the sun. Even camping overnight is a safe option as a police station is just situated at the far end of the beach.

tip of borneo

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