Peaks of Kinabalu


Sabah most visited destination has to be Mt. Kinabalu, since becoming Malaysia’s first world heritage site in the year 2001, many people around the world have climbed to the summit of Mt. Kinabalu, at 4093 metre. No climbing experience is needed to scale this mountain, just an average fitness will do. Watching sunrise at Low Peak, the highest point of Mt. Kinabalu, has been an unforgetable experience for the climbers.

All the peaks of Mt. Kinabalu is scalable, but a special permit must be obtained from the Sabah Park, before one is allowed to scale these peaks, other than Low’s Peak. On the journey to the summit, climbers will come across a few peaks, like South Peak, St. John Peak, Ugly Sisters Peak and Donkey Ears Peak. Some of these peaks are notable for their shapes and some are just plain ordinary.

low’s peak

Low’s Peak (4,093 m) is the highest point of Mt. Kinabalu, and this is where climbers come to see the beautiful sunrise and the enchanting surrounding scenery. On the summmit, Low’s Peak, one can see as far as the landscape allow, and the Tip of Borneo is visible on a clear day, so are the many islands just off the coast of Kota Kinabalu.

victoria peak

Victoria Peak (4,090 m) is a lesser known peak compare to the other, as only climbers who manage to reach the summit are able to see it at the east side.

saint john peak

St. John Peak (4,091 m) is very notable for it face like feature. From the south side it looks like a Batman hood, and on the eastern side the face like feature is quite noticeable, and on a low light condition it is even more convincing.

ugly sister peak

Ugly Sister Peak (4,062 m) has a name implied that it is ugly, probably this peak looks like some one with a large fore head, a small nose and a very big mouth.

donkey ears peak

Donkey Ears Peak (4,054 m) looks like two rocks that jerk out from the ground, resemble a donkey ears hence the name.

south peak

South Peak (3, 922 m) is the first peak most climbers will see on the trail to the summit. With a similar look to Low’s Peak most people would have mistaken South Peak for Low’s Peak.

low’s gully

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