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City Mall is one of the busiest shopping malls outside Kota

City Mall opened it’s door to the general public in late 2006, ever since then there are no looking back. Even though City Mall is quite a distance from Kota Kinabalu City, it is well received by KK Lites. Today City Mall is one of the busiest shopping malls outside Kota Kinabalu.

Located at Jalan Lintas, and opposite the Sabah Golf & Country Club, City Mall is well positioned as it is not far from many of KK surburbs. City Mall is spacious and well planned for the comfort of the shoppers. The mall can easily be divided into 5 alley ways. The centre alley is always busy with promotion and interesting offers, and leads to the end where Giant is located. Then there are The North City Walk and South City Walk, which consist of many smaller shops. Lastly, two more rows of shops are lined up at both outer sides of the mall, many restaurants can be found here.

City Mall has a few big name anchor stores like Giant, a hypermarket, and Popular book store, cafes like Starbucks and San Francisco Coffee, and also many restaurants from fast food to boutique restaurant. Y Fitness, the largest fitness centre in Kota Kinabalu, has also set up their base here. This Mall is creating quiet a buzz.

oldtown white coffee

Malaysia is the melting pot of Asia, with so many different races staying together, and just as many different cuisines, no wonder one of Malaysian favourite passtimes is eating out. City Mall with it’s many restaurants and cafes are epitome of Malaysian’s eating out culture, and City Mall is also one of the best places to come for food and drink in Kota Kinabalu.

Cafes with both local and oversea brands are always crowded with people, especially on weekend where friends and family gather for some quality time together. Starbucks at the entrance is very popular with KK Lites, and so are OldTown White Coffee and Olde Station Kopitiam for coffee, and tea plus chat and gossip.

olde station kopitiam

hana japanese restaurant

Thinking of fingers licking good fried chicken then Kentucky Fried Chicken has the answer. Dreaming of some multiple Italian style pizza then get a seat at Pizza hut. Itching for some raw sushi, then Hana is the right place to be; Hana is a nice Japanese Restaurant located at the north corner of City Mall. Hot and mouth watering satays are served at Sate Mesra which specialises in local Malay cuisine. Tempting for some serious ice cream dessert, Veda Blu and Yogurt Berry will help you overcome this problem. Don’t forget to queue up for the new and must have Big Apple Donut and Coffee, which is located on the right entrance.

There are also a few restaurants that are unique to City Mall. Cube has a fusion of Western and Oriental food. Poppea Garden Cafe has hawkers style cooking, like fried rice and fried noodle. A vegetable restaurant at the southern side walk, and a big food court on the third floor of the main building sum up the many eateries at City Mall.

cube fusion cuisine

Other notable shops in City Mall are CT Department Store, Lea Shoe Centre, and BC studio, all are on the first floor. Shops that sell men and women fashions are also well represented. Columbia adventure wears, the only one in KK, is located on the first floor.

pizza hut

Note: Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday are very crowded at City Mall, and parking can be a problem. Be patient and one can also come early to ensure a good parking space. Parking are free for now.

outdoor wear

The City Mall Gallery:

North City Walk

South City Walk

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