Kedai Kopi Kah Hing


noodles with mixed pork soup

Tuck away at a quiet corner, unknown to many people, is this simple kopitiam, Kedai Kopi Kah Hing, that serves lovely pork mixed noodle. For those KK Lites who are lucky enough to have found Kah Hing Kopitiam, many have been coming back for more.

kah hing kopitaim

Pork mixed, or “Chu Chap” to the Chinese, is a mixture of pork body parts like heart, kidney, intestine, slice meat, egg rolls and meat ball. All these body parts are cooked and served with hot soup. The soup is boiled with special ingredient like herb and spices, which probably is in house secret recipe.

pork mixed soup

Noodles are served with pork mixed soup or alternately one can have the noodles served dry with black sauce. Both are just as tasty. The noodles like most kopitiams can be substituted with Be Hun or Ho Foen. The price for a bowl of noodle starts at RM 5.

ho foen with black sauce

Hakka, a Chinese clan from the south, are famous for their Nyon Tu Fu. Nyon Tu Fu is bean curd cube that stuffed with minced meat, the minced meat can be fish, beef, or pork. At Kah Hing Kopitiam the Nyon Tu Fu is stuffed with minced pork meat.

nyon tu fu

There are two types of bean curd to choose from Kah Hing Kopitiam, one type is the fried bean curd cube and the other one is just simple plain bean curd cube. Both are stuffed with minced pork meat.

interior of kah hing kopitiam

Now this little secret has been revealed, there are another good kopitiam to munch up a happy meal of pork mixed noodles.

Business Hours: 6:30 am to 3:30 pm
Closed on alternative Monday

Kedai Kopi Kah Hing
Ground Floor, Shop Lot 48,
Taman Mesra, Mile 2.5,
Jalan Penampang,
88300 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.

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