Lembah Impian Country Home



Paddy fields, kampung houses, and forest hills, surround this out of town country home called Lembah Impian Country Home. Lembah Impian, literally translates as the Valley of Dreams (in Malay language), was originally a family residence in a quiet country side. Today the owner has transformed this place into a luxurious home-styled resort.


Located some 25 minutes away from Kota Kinabalu City and about 15 minutes from Kota Kinabalu International Airport, Lembah Impian Country Home has a 5 acres of perfectly landscape tropical garden. The interior of Lembah Impian Country Home has a luxurious mood, and the place is decorated with teak furnishings, marble floor, silk and antique painting.

Lembah Impian is made up of two main residential houses namely the Chimney and the Pillars. The rooms at these two residences have been turned into deluxe rooms, junior suites and executive suites. One must check out the beautiful Royal Suite at the second floor of the Chimney, this room is designed with the best comfort and luxury in mind. There are a total of 22 rooms including the chalets at Lembah Impian Country Home. The rooms here start at RM 160.

lembah impian’s swimming pool

the pillars

dinning room at the chimney

li-bar1.JPG li-bar2.JPG li-bar3.JPG
cabana country cafe

Drinks and light snacks are available to quench ones thirst at Cabana Country Cafe. One can also enjoy a relaxing evening at the Cabana Country Cafe, which is next to the swimming pools. Selection of fine wines and champagnes are also available for those who wish to loosen up and unwind.

emerald deluxe room

diamond deluxe room

Facilities available at Lembah Impian are gift shop, gym room, Wifi broadband, and laundry. There are also Airport Coach and city shuttle service provided for a fee. A traditional body massage can also be arranged. Meeting, seminar, wedding banquet, and other functions are given equal attention at Lembah Impian Country Homes.

the chalets

here is a sanctuary where warm feelings
greet you as you arrive
and the smiles touch your heart
as you feel you’ve come home….

Lembah Impian Country Home,
km 4, KG. Kandazon, Jalan Putatan-Ramayah,
89500 Penampang, Sabah, Malaysia

P.O. Box 11998, 88822 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia
Tel: 6088 766 117 Fax: 6088 768 858

email: enquiry@lembahimpian.com.my

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