Tamparuli Suspension Bridge



London has its Tower Bridge, San Francisco is famous for its Golden Gate Bridge, and Sabah although lesser well known, is famous for its Tamparuli Suspension Bridge. This suspension bridge is located at Tamparuli town, a small town 30 minutes away from Kota Kinabalu by car, and many travellers may pass through here while on their way to Mt. Kinabalu, and Poring Hot Spring.

The local Kadazandusun tribe has been using suspension bridges for ages, crossing the many rivers generated by the Crocker Ranger. Even though the Tamparuli Bridge is not the original one, as floods after floods had eventually damaged the old one. After a few reconstructions the present bridge is a new one, which was completed just a few years ago, as mentioned by one of beautifulkk.com readers.


A walk across the Tamparuli Suspension Bridge gives one an edgy feeling, as one can feel the bridge swings and sways. For people who are used to solid ground this can be an interesting walk. And for those who have height phobia this would be an ultimate challenge.

The unique and low one way bridge further down is also been used for more than 5 decades, and during the raining seasons, especially after a heavy down pour, water level occasionally rose above the bridge. Vehicles would not be passable, and those who brave the currents, many times ended up having their cars or even trucks being swept away by the raging Kiulu river and many had lost their lives.

At the upper end of the Kiulu river, tour agents have organised water rafting sport. This is a much gentle ride compared with Padas River near Beaufort, and it is suitable to bring children along, as the Kiulu river only has a grade two rating on the rafting scale.

Every Wednesday Tamparuli Town will have tamu, tamu is a local tradition where farmers and villagers will come from afar to sell their produces and crafts. Local preserved foods, like fish and meat, are an interesting find at the tamu. It was common for the farmers or villagers to walk for 5 to 6 hours to reach the tamu ground. Although with the advancing new road, walking distance these days has been shorten, yet many still have to cover 2 to 3 hours of walking.

kiulu river

Tamparuli town is also home to the popular “Tamparuli Men” at Wun Chiap Restaurant, next to the Chinese Primary School at the town centre.

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