Poppea Garden Cafe


poppea garden cafe

Poppea Garden Cafe is a nice and lively eatery located at the northern corner of City Mall. City Mall is about 10 minutes by car from Kota Kinabalu. This cafe serves mostly Chinese cuisine, and a little bit of western cooking is on the menu. Do note that Poppea Garden Cafe do not serve pork. The walls inside this cafe is quite interesting and is also very pleasing to the eyes, with the use of bright colours and funky design.

pineapple fried rice

A look at the menu shows that Poppea Garden cafe does put some effort into their food presentation. Nice plates, like square ones and strong colours are in use too. Try order the Pineapple Fried Rice (RM 7.90), not only the rice with the crunchy pineapple makes it so tasty, but also the way it is presented is so appealling, with the pineapple shell as its bowl, splendid idea.

rendang prawn

wa tan ho

korean spicy noodle soup

Poppea Garden Cafe most probably specialises in fried rice, as there are so many different types of fried rice to choose from. Thai Fried Rice, Bellacan Fried Rice, Sakura Fried Rice, and Poppea (house brand) Fried Rice just to name a few. The fried rice has prices that start from RM 6.90. Noodles, be hoon and kuih teow, are also available, customers can have them fried or in hot soup, and serve with the choice of beef, chicken, or seafood. Price starts from RM 5.

clay pot oyster seafood

clay pot yee mee

While at Poppea Garden Cafe don’t forget to check out their Set Lunch Special at RM 7.90, which consists of a main course, rice, soup of the day, vegetable of the day and a choice of herbal tea or cordial orange. The main course can be chosen from a number of dishes like Singapore Yong Tau Fu, Thai Style Fish Fillet, Ginger Onion Beef or Fish, Black Pepper Chicken, and Sizzling Japanese Tau Fu.

Some orders can stand alone like Fu Yung Egg (RM 6), Rendang prawns (RM 11.90), Red Curry Beef or Chicken (RM 6) and Thai Style Tao Fu (RM 6) are available. And vegetable dishes like Baby Kailan, Belacan Kanggung, and Garden Lettuce are also served here, with prices starting from RM 6.

poppea fried rice

fu yung egg

a playful colours background

Hot and cold drinks, like coffee and tea, milo and nescafe are on the menu. Variety of fresh juices, like apple, carrot, honeydew, orange, and watermelon are also available. Iced blended coffee and mocha, beers and yogurt smoothies are served here.

hot lemon tea

iced lemon and iced lemon tea

funky wall

After a heavy shopping or a leisure walk at City Mall, do pop into Poppea Garden Cafe for a nice and tasty fried rice to replenish one’s energy.

Business hours: 12pm to 9 pm, daily.

Poppea Garden Cafe
lot S-0-26, City Mall,
Jalan Lintas,
88300 Kota Kinabalu
Sabah, Malaysia.
Tel: 017 899 0098


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