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lamb shank

Upperstar Cafe & Bar has a humble beginning with just one ground floor shop opposite to Burger King at the Segama Commercial Centre, this establishment has grown quite a lot since then. Upperstar Cafe & Bar used to cater for the big party crowds that invade Shenanigan at Hyatt hotel, and Cocoon just a few meters away. Both Cocoon and Shenanigan are the top clubbing destinations in Kota Kinabalu. With Upperstar businesses soaring, today Upperstar has increased its floor space with two more shoplots, one immediately on the upper floor and the other one just on top of Burger King.
upperstar damai

Upperstar is so popular these days that it even has its own fans base, which is very true. When Upperstar opened a new branch in Damai, Luyang, Upperstar Pepper Grill & Bar is just as crowded as in the old one in KK. Upperstar Pepper Grill & Bar is especially popular with the young adults from 20s to 30s, may be Upperstar has a more modern approach to life that makes it so appealling to these young adults. Upperstar caters mainly simple western cuisine and some local delights.

sirlion steak

Grill food is the main selection at Upperstar, patrons can choose from Sirloin Steak (RM 18.90), Lamb Chop (RM 12.90), Chicken Chop (RM 11.90), Fish and Chip (RM 11.90) and Grill Salmon (RM 14.90). There are also pasta like Spaghetti Bolognaise (RM 6.90) and Spaghetti Cabonara (RM 6.90).

grilled salmon

Upperstar even has its own Uppercrust Pizza Corner that dishes out pizza in 10″ Regular thin crust (RM 13.90) or 10″ Regular thick pans (RM 14.90), which can go with topping like Beef Bacon, Hawaiian Pepperoni, Seafood Delight, Vegetarian Lovers and Upperstar’ Sensation, to name a few. Salads, and side order like Prawn Spring Rolls, Garlic bread, Deep fried Chicken wing and Deep fried Fish Balls are also available.

spaghetti carborana

The Chefs at Upperstar Pepper Grill & Bar have rolled out a few new dishes namely Lamb Shank (RM 22.90), Tenderloin (RM 25), Salmon Steak (RM 25), and Half Dozen Baked Mussels (RM 11.90). All are worth a try. For those KK Lites that cannot live without rice, no worry, because Curry Chicken and Nasi Lemak will cure this symptom.

potatoes salad


mango juice & iced lemon tea

A glance on the menu shows almost sixty different drinks, from soft drink to juices, and beers to hard liquor. Patrons have plenty types of drinks to quench their thirst at Upperstar.

upperstar interior

memorabilia from the past

Other than its simple yummy food, Upperstar Pepper Grill & Bar is an enthralling place to dine and chat, and is the in place for the new trendy culture of to see and be seen. There are three tables, each equipped with a PC and internet service provided free of charge, located along the side wall at the ground floor. And another three tables with PC with internet on the first floor. Also check out the many memorabilia on the wall and the captivating Italian arty ceiling.

upperstar damai 1st floor

The outdoor is nicely planned. Flowers and plants are planted outside the shop to create a nice small garden, which can be seen from the main road. Upperstar’s outdoor tables and seats coupled with Persian lamp posts are not only stylish but ooze class.


let’s come and eat bah!

Upperstar Pepper Grill & Bar,
Block C, Lot 8, Ground Floor,
Lorong Okok Kayu Manis,
Damai plaza Phase 3,
Kota Kinabalu.
Tel: +6088 260 388

Upperstar Pepper Grill & Bar:

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