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Noodle is the second most important stable food in Malaysia, after rice. Malaysia with its multi-racial communities, is a heaven for noodle lovers. There are many kinds of noodles to choose from in Malaysia and so it is in Kota Kinabalu. The noodles can also be prepared in many different styles and ways. The most common noodles are the medium round bright yellow type, next is the slim type that comes with a dull yellow colour, both are mass produced in the factories.

kon lau men with choon kian

For the best noodles then one needs to search for home make noodles, that come with an unique flavour, and much more crunchy. These noodles are also made with less or no preservative at all. Kota Kinabalu is blessed with a few of these noodles namely Beaufort Men, Tenom Men, Tuaran Men, and Tamparuli Men, just to name a few. ‘Men” is a Hakka word for noodle. Hakka is a Chinese dialect from southern China.

Kedai Kopi Syn Lee is popular for its Tenom Men, and its flagship product is the “fried wet Tenom Men”. Customers can also have the noodle fried dry, or have the noodle in soup. The “kon lau” Tenom Men is also very tasty, and normally “kon lau” are noodles mixed with black sauce, but in Sarawak there are “kon lau men” that comes with white sauce too.

chu quek suon
“chu quek suon”

“Choon Kian”, minced meat with egg rolls, is also another popular choice at Kedai Kopi Syn Lee, and the “Cha Sau” here is just as nice. There are also Chicken rice and Chau Sau (roasted pork) rice for the lunch time crowds. One must also try out the irressitable “Chu Quek Suon”, pork trotter cooked with black sauce and vinegar. There are other types of dishes like seafood fried rice, wan ton noodle and others, for these one has to come and try them out at Syn Lee Kopitiam.

young, adult, and old

menu in mandarin character

kk lites at syn lee kopitiam

Kedai Kopi Syn Lee is located at the Towering commercial centre, along Jalan Penampang. Kedai Kopi Syn Lee is about two shops away from the Tire shop beside the roundabout.

Business hours: 6:30am to 2:30pm daily
Closed on every Monday.

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