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With urban globalisation happening all over the world, the invasion of Coffee Culture from aboard, notably Starbucks and Coffee Bean and Teas, is unavoidable. The good news is local kopitiams have responded to this threat by rebranding themselves; by creating a new identity with a cool interior setting and combine with well trained and well dressed staffs. OldTown White Coffee is just one of them. OldTown also brings back good memory of yesteryears’ kopitiams of the 50s and 60s, which served hot coffee and toast-bread. And in OldTown the traditional way of making coffee by the Malaysian Chinese is well preserved.
Since OldTown White Coffee opened its door for business in late 2007 at City Mall, it has been well received by the KK Lites, especially on the first month when it was opened, OldTown was literally packed every day. These days the euphoria has already calmed down, but OldTown is still very well visited. There is also another branch at 1Borneo Hypermall.

oldtown white coffee

kaya & butter toast

Old Town is a great place to have coffee break and also for friends to meet up for a good chat. Cool and hot coffee are the most popular drinks here, and the many different kinds of toasted breads available, also help to expand the pleasure.

oldtown white coffee (cool)

Nan Yang Memorably and OldTown White Coffee are the must try drinks, and for food the toast-bread is a must. OldTown also has good food catered for the lunch and dinner customers, items like the Ipoh Chicken Hor Fun, Ipoh Lum Mee, the Prawn Mee and Nasi Rendang Chicken are great orders to fill up one’s stomach. The sticky rice is another popular item with many OldTown customers.

mocha white coffee (cool)

cool black and white interior

organic wheat grass honey juice

For the health conscious customers there are Organic drinks like Wheat Grass Honey Juice and Spirulina Orange Juice. OldTown even has organic food in its Omega soft boiled eggs. With so many interesting foods and drinks, OldTown is worth while a place to spend sometime with our loved ones.

omega soft boiled eggs on toast

garlic butter toast

the old meets new

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