Big Apple Donuts & Coffee



Donuts fever has finally hit our shore, with Big Apple Donuts & Coffee having open 3 outlets in Kota Kinabalu City, there are a lot of donuts to go around. The donuts are baked fresh every hours or so to ensure customers have a fresh supply of crunchy and tasty donuts. These donuts also come with a variety of different mouth water toppings, ranging from name like Hot Berry, Duren Duren and Kiwi Blitz, just to name a few.


Big Apple Donuts & Coffee is the a good place to have a coffee break or the occasion mumbling with friends. There are so many different type of donuts on sell, that customers need to come here a few time in order to try out all the donuts on display. Some of the must try ones, are Mango Tango, 101 Dalmations and California Almond. The donut is price at RM 2.30 each, for half a dozen the price is RM 12 and a dozen at RM 22.

half a dozen

From the picture above (half a dozen) the donuts from top left to top right and from bottom right to bottom left are Whitnut, Mango Tango, Iceberg, Green Teaser, Cool Blue, and Say Cheese.

another half dozen

From the picture above (another half dozen) the donuts from top left to top right and from bottom right to bottom left are 101 Dalmations, California Almond, Cool Blue, Semi Glacier, Spicy Flossy, and Snowy.

donuts extra treatment

The donuts at Big Apple are prepared with the high quality on cleanliness. Customers can also watch how the donuts are being prepared behind the glass wall, as the donuts are dipped into the different yummy topping.

big apple donuts & coffee at city mall

Big Apple Donuts & Coffee can be found at City Mall, Warisan Square, and 1Borneo Hypermall, the biggest shopping centre in Sabah. Business hours is from 10 am to 10 pm.

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