Beaufort Restaurant



Located on Jalan Penampang and not far from the Lido Market is this very popular Hakka style Chinese cuisine eateries called Beaufort Restaurant. This restaurant is well loved by the local, especially KK Lites who live in and around the Penampang area. The more sort after dishes here are the clay pot and the fried vegetables. The fried noodle at Beaufort Restaurant is single out as a must try item, the home made noodle is especially tasty and crunchy compares to the factory made type. Come early as seats are limited especially during dinner time from 7pm to 8pm.



This home made noodle is very tasty and the fried noodle (dry or wet) also comes with lot of green vegetable too.


The gravy that comes with the clay pot is very yummy.



Simple and clean interior.


Business hours: 8am to 2pm and 6pm to 9pm

Beaufort Restaurant Photo Gallery:

Sweet and Sour Pork (Beaufort Restaurant)


Fried Green Vegetable (Beaufort Restaurant)

Fried Eggs with BBQ Pork (Beaufort Restaurant)

Lunch Time Crowd at Beaufort Restaurant

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