Country Grill

Country Grill Restaurant is a newly open eatery that served Chinese and Western cuisines, and this place do not serve pork. Since it opening about 3 months ago, early 2008, Sam Pok has already built up a healthy customers based. This restaurant has a very pleasant atmosphere, may be it is because of the warm lightings and also may be it is the spacious environment, which give customers a very relaxing mood. The furnitures of Country Grill Restaurant also play a fairly important part in making this place so inviting. The tables and chairs are all made of wood which add to the natural feel of the place and the walls are all painted and tiled in earthly colours.

Tanjung Aru First Beach


Tanjung Aru Beach is the jewel of Kota Kinabalu City. Located just a few kilometers south of the city, this beach is the most famous hang out area for KK Lites. The First beach is nestled in between the Prince Philip Park and the Tanjung Aru Golf Club, along the 3km long and sandy Tanjung Aru Beach. People have been coming to Tanjung Aru 1st beach for decades, especially on public holidays and for night outings. Late afternoon is one of the best time to be here for a drink, and enjoy the cool sea breeze blowing, especially from December to March, and also be enchanted by the best show nature has to offer, the sunset at Tanjung Aru Beach.

Upperstar Pepper Grill & Bar

lamb shank

Upperstar Cafe & Bar has a humble beginning with just one ground floor shop opposite to Burger King at the Segama Commercial Centre, this establishment has grown quite a lot since then. Upperstar Cafe & Bar used to cater for the big party crowds that invade Shenanigan at Hyatt hotel, and Cocoon just a few meters away. Both Cocoon and Shenanigan are the top clubbing destinations in Kota Kinabalu. With Upperstar businesses soaring, today Upperstar has increased its floor space with two more shoplots, one immediately on the upper floor and the other one just on top of Burger King.

Kedai Kopi Syn Lee


Noodle is the second most important stable food in Malaysia, after rice. Malaysia with its multi-racial communities, is a heaven for noodle lovers. There are many kinds of noodles to choose from in Malaysia and so it is in Kota Kinabalu. The noodles can also be prepared in many different styles and ways. The most common noodles are the medium round bright yellow type, next is the slim type that comes with a dull yellow colour, both are mass produced in the factories.

OldTown White Coffee


With urban globalisation happening all over the world, the invasion of Coffee Culture from aboard, notably Starbucks and Coffee Bean and Teas, is unavoidable. The good news is local kopitiams have responded to this threat by rebranding themselves; by creating a new identity with a cool interior setting and combine with well trained and well dressed staffs. OldTown White Coffee is just one of them. OldTown also brings back good memory of yesteryears’ kopitiams of the 50s and 60s, which served hot coffee and toast-bread. And in OldTown the traditional way of making coffee by the Malaysian Chinese is well preserved.

Manukan Island

beach at manukan island

Kota Kinabalu (KK) has the good fortune of having five beautiful islands surrounding the city; the five islands consist of Pulau Gaya, Pulau Manukan, Pulau Mamutik, Pulau Sapi, and Pulau Sulug. Tunku Abdul Rahman Park is made up of part of Palau Gaya and the other four islands. With the islands’ proximity to Kota Kinabalu, boat rides to the islands just take about 20 minutes from Jesselton Point, KK main ferry terminal. Day trip to these islands can be easily arranged as there are hourly shuttle boats to and from the islands.

north end of manukan island

Beaufort Restaurant


Located on Jalan Penampang and not far from the Lido Market is this very popular Hakka style Chinese cuisine eateries called Beaufort Restaurant. This restaurant is well loved by the local, especially KK Lites who live in and around the Penampang area. The more sort after dishes here are the clay pot and the fried vegetables. The fried noodle at Beaufort Restaurant is single out as a must try item, the home made noodle is especially tasty and crunchy compares to the factory made type. Come early as seats are limited especially during dinner time from 7pm to 8pm.

Big Apple Donuts & Coffee


Donuts fever has finally hit our shore, with Big Apple Donuts & Coffee having open 3 outlets in Kota Kinabalu City, there are a lot of donuts to go around. The donuts are baked fresh every hours or so to ensure customers have a fresh supply of crunchy and tasty donuts. These donuts also come with a variety of different mouth water toppings, ranging from name like Hot Berry, Duren Duren and Kiwi Blitz, just to name a few.

Kinabalu Pine Resort

An award winning resort for many years in Kundasang. Its landscape garden and rooms are well kept and

After spending a long day of exploring the many interesting places at Kinabalu Park, Sabah top tourist destination, Poring Hot Spring, and Kundasang War Memorial. Kinabalu Pine Resort is probably one of the best places to have a good night sleep around the Kundasang area. Located on the Kundasang-Ranau road, this two stars resort has won numerous awards since it opened in 1995. Notable awards include the National Landscaping Awards 1998 (chalet category), Clean and Green Premises Awards 2000 (Environment), and Malaysia Tourism Award Excellent in Hotel Services 2005/2006 (2 Star).