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To grill or not to grill? If the answer is to grill, then head on to Chuan Hin Kopitiam for some very delicious grilled food. A variety of meat is made ready for selection, ranging from beef, fish, lamb, prawn, small bird, squid, and stingray. Sambal and balacan are the two main ingredients used to marinate the meat and fish, and they are grilled on top of a banana leaf to give them some added favour. The must have platters are the delicious grilled squid and tasty grilled stingray, both come with a bit of spicy taste.

grilled stingray

grilled beef

grilled lamb

Back in the 80s, the owner of Chuan Hin Kopitiam used to run a rented store from Lai Lai Kopitiam at Luyang. Her grilled food was already well known to the KK Lites then. Grilled food goes specially well with the iced cold beers served by Lai Lai Kopitiam. Years of hard work and perseverance earned enough capital to open up her own shop, the present day Chuan Hin Kopitiam.

chuan hin kopitiam

In search of good dumpling in and around Kota Kinabalu City? Search no more, for in Chuan Hin Kopitiam we have one of the finest dumplings maker in town. The dumplings are made fresh with pork meat filling. Have the dumplings grilled or steamed, both taste just as yummy.

dumplings with meat filling

steamed dumplings with meat filling

Hawkers style fried noodle, “be hon” and “kui tian” are available too.

singapore fried be hon

fried noodle kk style

Business Hours: 6pm t0 11:30pm,
off day on every alternate Monday.

Kedai Kopi Chuan Hin,
Lot 13, Ground Floor, Luyang Ph. 8,
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.

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