First Dessert House


Home cooked Cantonese style is the main manner employed by this local owner, who has been doing hawker food for many years before she ventured into this. First Dessert House has been in business since early 2007. One good point on First Dessert House is that it has chosen to specialise on a few red hot yummy dishes, instead of offering everything under the sun.

pig leg in sweet vinegar sauce

Chicken and pork are the main selection here, and among those well received dishes are the ever popular herbal chicken, pig legs with vinegar sauce, steamed chicken with ginger, steam-minced pork with salted egg, sweet “mooi choy” braised pork, and “nasi lemak”. “Mooi Choy” is a vegetable with dark greenish colour that comes with a bit of salty and sweet taste.

first dessert house

The First Dessert House is another great example to the many kopitiams in and around Kota Kinabalu City. This kopitiam chose a red theme and had red on the banner, logo and chairs, giving this shop a very modern and attractive look. Cleanliness here is also up to standard. Hope more kopitiams in KK will adopt this new trend, clean, well designed, and a good layout in modern or classic setting.

minced pork with mushroom noodle


First Dessert House is a great place to enjoy a good tasty noodle, especially it’s dry noodle that comes with a very special sauce. Other than noodle First Dessert House also has “be hon” and “kui tiau”. Check out the menu on the top part of the wall in First Dessert House, which is well presented and a great guide for ordering.

grilled pork chop noodle

stir fried pork with “zhz cai” noodle

“Zhz Cai” is a crunchy vegetable that has a bit of both salty and spicy taste.


Many desserts have been well prepared by First Dessert House, the more popular ones are “kui ling gau”, puddings, and “tau fu fah”. The cold and yummy “ABC” served all over Malaysia is also on the menu. “ABC” is a mixture of red beans, cendol, jelly, “leong fun” and top up with garnished ice and sweet syrup.

happy customers

Business hours are from 9am to 11pm daily;
watch out for their off day which is once a month.

G29, Ground Floor,
Complex Asia City,
Kota Kinabalu.

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