New Metro Restaurant


New Metro Restaurant is a great place to have simple Hakka style Chinese cuisine, and it is one of the best restaurants at Donggongon township. Located to the south of Kota Kinabalu, a 20 minutes drive will take one to the township of Donggongon, which is situated next to the Crocker Mountain Range. Travelling by the new highway to Donggongon, a beautiful scenery of padi fields can be seen on the right hand side. The padi field scenery is especially stunning during the harvesting month of March and April. Donggongon town is also home to the local tribe called Kadazandusun.

Akinabalu Youth Hostel

akinabalu youth hostel

Every since the arrival of Air Asia, a budget airline to Kota Kinabalu, many backpackers have added Kota Kinabalu City to their list of destinations. With the arrival of the ever increasing backpackers all over the world, more and more Bed and Breakfast or budget hostels have been set up in and around Kota Kinabalu to cater for the budget conscious travellers.

spacious lounge

Clean, tidy, informative, and friendly stuffs are what travellers come to expect from budget hostels, and Akinabalu Youth Hostel, does possess most of the criterion above. Located on Gaya Street, the oldest street in Kota Kinabalu, Akinabalu Youth Hostel also has easy access to the many points of interest in Kota Kinabalu.

Poring Hot Spring

Poring is part of Kinabalu National Park. It is popular destination for the hot springs, canopy walkway and many its many waterfalls. hs-waterhole2.JPG

The Poring Hot Spring story began with this small little water hole, that was first discovered by a British Geologist back in the Colonial time, when Sabah was known as North Borneo. During the Second World War, Poring Hot spring was well visited by the Japanese soldiers, where at their mother land bathing at hot springs is a great past time. Thus the beginning of visitors coming to the Poring Hot Spring.

Kedai Kopi Chuan Hin


To grill or not to grill? If the answer is to grill, then head on to Chuan Hin Kopitiam for some very delicious grilled food. A variety of meat is made ready for selection, ranging from beef, fish, lamb, prawn, small bird, squid, and stingray. Sambal and balacan are the two main ingredients used to marinate the meat and fish, and they are grilled on top of a banana leaf to give them some added favour. The must have platters are the delicious grilled squid and tasty grilled stingray, both come with a bit of spicy taste.

Kota Kinabalu Wetland Centre

kota kinabalu wetland centre

Sandwiched between the Signal Hill and Likas Sport Complex, lies this wonderful piece of wetland that has been gazetted as a state Cultural Heritage Site since 1998. Formerly known as Kota Kinabalu Bird Sanctuary, now it has been renamed Kota Kinabalu Wetland Centre, which is a 24 hectare remnant patch of once extensive mangrove forest in this coastal city.


First Dessert House

Home cooked Cantonese style is the main manner employed by this local owner, who has been doing hawker food for many years before she ventured into this. First Dessert House has been in business since early 2007. One good point on First Dessert House is that it has chosen to specialise on a few red hot yummy dishes, instead of offering everything under the sun.

pig leg in sweet vinegar sauce