Kedai Kopi Jeong Hin



Jeong Hin Kopitiam is a great place to have buns and “pau”, especially during tea break. Whether is it because of the British influence from the colonial time, or is it because people nowadays like to have tea. KK Lites are very fond of their tea break. Kopitiams that serve simple food like buns, pau and other nibbling food are very much in demand around 3pm to 5pm.
For decades Jeong Hin Kopitiam is well known for its buns. The buns here are very sought-after and every day they are sold out, either eat in or take away. One of the secrets for these ever popular buns, is their freshness, they are freshly baked and served hot. Buns are available for sale starting from 11am and by 4pm most of them are gone.

jeong hin kopitiam

The buns come in many fillings, Jeong Hin Kopitiam has 8 special fillings in the form of butter, cheese, coconut, ” kaya”,”pandan”, peanuts, pineapple mixed and red beans (“tausa”). Red beans “tausa” and peanut buns being the more popular ones. “Pandan” is a popular local fragrant plant that is used in many food preparation and cooking.

special brewed ice cold coffee

Another interesting sight at Jeong Hin Kopitiam is this specially brewed coffee stored in beer bottle that is kept ice cold in the fridge. Normal iced coffee in a Kopitiam is prepared hot and just add in iced cubes. Here the coffee is brewed and left to cool off, before bottle in and store in the fridge. For coffee lovers, this is a must.

yummy pau

The paus at Jeong Hin Kopitiam are just as good, they come with fillings with chicken, char sau (roast pork), and pork meat.

pau with pork filling


Jeong Hin Kopitiam is located at the centre of Inanam town and facing the Post office. Inanam is about 15 minutes drive north of Kota Kinabalu City.

Kedai Kopi Jeong Hin
Lot 8, Ground Floor,
Block E, Lorong Inanam,
Inanam New Township Ph.2,
Kota Kinabalu.
tel: +6088 423 337

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