Gaya Street Sunday Market



Every Sunday the whole length of Gaya Street is closed down for one purpose, the Gaya Street Sunday Market. Traders of all kind will parade their crafts, produce, and wares on this historical street in Kota Kinabalu. For about a hundred years Gaya Street, formally known as Bond Street, has been the heart of commerce for the west coast of Sabah. Even as late as the early 60s, Traders from Kinarut, Papar, Beaufort, and as far as Tenom, would travel by train to Jesselton, former name of Kota Kinabalu. It was Bond street that they aimed for. It was here that they traded their produce and art-crafts and at the same time looked for supplies, materials, or any thing they could not get at their home town.


All of the shoplots had been completely destroyed during the Second World War, and they were subsequently rebuilt after the war. Yet some of the shoplots at Gaya Street are still the oldest in Kota Kinabalu. For the pass two decades the role of Gaya Street as the commercial centre has deminised greatly as more new shops and malls have been built since. Great applause for the local authority for making this special Sunday Market at Gaya Street, so that the past glory of Gaya Street will live on for the future generations.

loaf of local handicrafts for souvenir

As early as 6am traders will start setting up their stores and arrange their products at Gaya Street. Almost everything under the sun is for sale here. Biscuits, noodles, cakes, and drinks for the hungry and thirsty travellers. Souvenirs like local handicrafts, tourists t-shirts, and batik are plenty for the tourists to choose from. There are also a few local artists showing their master pieces here.

yummy local biscuits

variety of tasty cold drinks

t-shirts and batik on sale

local artist art works

people taking a break

Variety of flowers, plants, and cacti are offered to brighten up our sweet home. Pet lovers will have a field day here, as pets like birds, bunny, fish, puppy, and mice are on display. Pets food and pets accessories are also on sale here. Fashionable items like sunglasses, watches, bags and a supplies of other things for people to pick and choose. One last tip – always remember to bargain for a good price.

exotic orchids

colourful mini cacti

cute little bunnies

check out these sunglasses

Gaya Street Sunday Market starts around 7am and will come to an end around 1pm every Sunday.

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