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Wonder why the Mantis Prawns are kept individually in a Coke bottle? This is to prevent them from fighting with each other, so that the beauty of the prawns are kept in place. Like any other seafood restaurants Gayang Seafood Restaurant specialises in fresh seafood that is right out of the aquariums. Live fishes, tiger prawns, crabs and clams are available for customers to select, before they go into the wok.

Live Sea Produces
gsr-live-prawns.jpg gsr-lives_crabs_and_clams.jpg grs-live-fish.jpg

Gayang Seafood Restaurant is a wooden structure with stilts that was built on a swampy area and during high tide the building look like it is floating on the sea. Patrons can enjoy the sea breeze and steep in the beauty of the mangrove swamp surrounding the Gayang Seafood Restaurant.

There are also private rooms with air-condition for patrons who need a bit more privacy. Only two rooms are made for this purpose, one that seats 30 persons and the smaller one can seat 20 persons. Patrons only need to pay an extra charge to secure the private rooms, to avoid any disappointment do call in early for reservation.

steamed fresh prawns

wet butter prawns

The ever popular butter prawns, cooked with butter and eggs, has a very tasty sauce, or choose the yummy Steamed fresh prawns.

“kim hiong” fried crabs

“Kim Hiong” is a wonderful sauce that cooked with a mixture of ingredients, like curry powder, curry leaf, grounded dry shrimp and eggs. “Kim Hiong” sauce can be used to fry prawns and fish. Here we have Kim Hiong sauce on fried crabs, the out come is finger licking good, yummy.

From a clock wise position we have Hong Kong style tiger fish, nyonya sauce with steamed talapia, deep fried soft shell crabs, home made to fu with minced meat, omelette, and lemon chicken.

Chicken and beef dishes are also available and there are lot of vegetables to choose from. This restaurant serves no pork.

mushroom and vegetable with oyster sauce

lahad datu sayur manis

Other than serving great seafood, Gayang Seafood Restaurant also commences a great view of the surrounding mangrove swamp.

Gayang Seafood Restaurant,
Kampung Baharu, Jalan Sulaman,
Tuaran, Sabah, Malaysia.
tel: +6088 229 066

Business Hour: 11am to 10pm, daily.

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