A 2.5 Million Ringgit View


A 2.5 Million Ringgit View


Fancy to wake up to a beautiful sandy beach and rolling waves as a morning call, Nexus Residence Karambrunai Pool Villa is just the place to make this all happen. As the villa is only meters away from the sea, the smell and sound of the ocean are so prominent. Couple with the sunny tropical climate of Sabah, swimming at the sea is always possible all year round.


Nexus Residence Karambrunai pool villa is built on karambunai beach front property and about 25 minutes drive from Kota Kinabalu City. The beach at the Pool Villa is adjourned to the The Nexus Resort beach, the whole stretch is a six kilometers long white sandy beach. At night this place has a quiet and calm mood to give the soul a good night rest.

Nexus Residence Karambrunai consists of 80 villas on the Karambunai beach front and the villas have various designs with a price value ranging from RM 1.6 Million to 2.5 Million. All these Villas have been snapped up by mostly expats in and around the Asia Pacific region. There are also suites called Spa Villa, in low rise condominium blocks with lifts. Only a few Spa Villas are still available for investors, price starts from RM 600,000.

Nexus Residence Karambunai beach properties are on par with those of the world’s most luxurious holiday destinations like Hawaii, Bali, Hilton Head, Cancun, and Phuket.

garden and porch

As many of the owners of these Villas will take up a Hotel Sub-lease Agreement with the developer, ordinary folks can stay at these villas as hotel when they are completed in the near future. Spending a day or two here, can give our spirit and mind a good workout.

Restaurants, Cafes, Spa, Golf and Shops are just minutes away, as the Nexus Residence Karambrunai is also serviced by the 5-star Nexus Resort Karambunai.


The Pool Villa is furnished with a simple modern look, no fancy furnitures, everything is just nice for a comfortable living. The living room, with a high ceiling, has a sliding door that opens out to a porch and garden on either sides, and a super South China Sea view in front. This view is really priceless.

bath and bedrooms

There are 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, the master bed bathroom even comes with a private garden with just a glass wall separating them. With plants and flowers over looking the bathroom, one can feels in tune with nature while taking a shower and others private business.

private pool

How about stepping out on a side door and having a private swimming pool all to yourself, just jump in and relax. This is what living happily in a luxurious environment is all about.

For more information about the Nexus Residence Karambunai, do visit www.nexusresidence.com.

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