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ngau chap be hon

Mention about Menggatal town, many kklites will start thinking of Nyuk Pau Kopitiam. This Kopitiam serves mouth watering Ngau Chap and especially the Ngau Chap soup which is very tasty. For Ngau Chap lovers, this shop is highly recommended.

Menggatal is about 20 minutes drive from Kota Kinabalu City, two roads lead to the destination, Jalan Sulaman or Tuaran Road. There are only about 10 to 15 blocks of shoplot in this small town. The shops here are nothing to shout about, most of these shops supplying daily commodities for the surrounding consumers.

to fu with mince beef

Tofu with minced beef is one of Nyuk Pau Kopitiam specials. There are not many places to find Tofu with minced beef, as most people make Tofu stuffs with pork meat or fish meat. Therefore Tofu with minced beef can be considered as a kind of rarity. Well Nyuk Pau Kopitiam is the only one that has Tofu with minced beef in their menu, that I know about. One must give this Tofu with minced beef a try if one ever ventures to Menggatal township.

nyuk pau kopitiam

Through words of mouth, I have come across this shop some 20 years ago. Nyuk Pau has moved a few times over the years, all in the vicinity of Menggatal township. Always look for the Nyuk Pau Restaurant logo, so that one gets the right shop. Business hours is from 7am to 3pm daily

nyuk pau kopitiam able chef

ngau chap soup

Lastly, many of us come back to Nyuk Pau Kopitiam, is because of the Ngau Chap Soup served here. The soup comes with a special flavour, cooked with the in house Nyuk Pau Recipe, which gives the soup a strong smell of cow. It takes hours to prepare this soup, the chef has to start as early as 5am in the morning. Tripe, beef balls, tendons are some of the goodies one finds inside a bowl of Ngau Chap Soup.

triple, chewy beef ball, beef slices

Ngau Chap is no doubt one of the most popular breakfast for us, KKlites.

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