Jacs Besthings



Jacs Besthings, a corner shop, is located at Block D of Damai Commerial Centre. Another way of locating Jacs Besthings is looked out for the 88 lottery shop, which is opposite to the Damai Post Office. 88 lottery shop is on the same block with Jacs Besthings, only that Jacs Besthings is at the other end.
Author’s Note: this kopitiam has closed down, and I miss their pork mixed noodle


“Chu Chap”, which means pork mixed, is the only specialty served in this Kopitiam, and this pork mixed is very tasty. “Chu Chap” is a mixture of meat, meat ball, pork’s intestine, meat with egg rolls and serves in soup. This Kopitiam also serves their food in these nice looking Chinas (below), most Kopitiams have turned to plastics this day, serving food with China is getting rare in Kota Kinabalu.



One can order the “Chu Chap” either with dry noodle or with noodle on soup, and there a choice of substituting the noodle with either “Be Hon” or “Kui Tiau”. Sound complicating, I hope not. Both the “Be Hon” and “Kui Tiau” are made by rice flour, and both are white in colour.



The pork oil comes for cooked meat. Mixed the pork’s oil with fried onion, and these two combine to form a potent compound. Now one can mix this potent compound into the dry noodle to make it tastes even better, and one can also mix it to the “Chu Chap” soup. Yummy fills my mind when I type these words.


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