Royal China Restaurant



Royal China Restaurant is one of the few restaurants that has 5-star hotel rating in Kota Kinabalu. With air-condition setting, private rooms, and a posh interior design, this restaurant does bring a new experience for us KKlites. Located at the second floor of D Junction, Jalan Penampang, Royal China Restaurant, serves delicious Dim Sum and Chinese cuisine. It has a hall big enough for wedding party and a few smaller rooms for private function. With the height of second floor, Royal China Restaurant has a good view on the surrounding area.




“Siew Mai”, a mixture of pork and prawn dumplings, and “Ha Kau”, a crystal prawn dumpling, are a must have items in any Dim Sum restaurant. Another popular item on the menu is “Jon Fun”, either come with BBQ pork or fresh prawn in rice flour rolls.

A variety of Dim Sum are also served here, like “fu kien” which is bean curd skin with meat stuffing, “chicken feet” with special sauce, and appetiser like deep fried yum dumplings. There are also many different Dim Sum and appetisers not mention here, do pay Royal China Restaurant for a visit to find out more.




The ultra modern setting of Royal China Restaurant also comes with ultra modern device for alternative dining experience. Under the brochure on each tables, has an electronic device with three buttons, and each has it own function, one for call, one for drink and last one for bill. Check that out!

D Junction also has other restaurants to boost about, namely a Japanese Restaurant, and Indian Restaurant, both on the 1st floor. Other facilities here are a Thai Massage Parlour (1st floor), and at the ground floor a Game Room, and a fun pub.


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