Coconuts from Hell


well burned coconuts

Pardon me, these coconuts are just very well burned not from hell actually, but probably that are what coconuts would look like in hell. Ha ha……
Now back on earth, and back in Kota Kinabalu, and traveling north on Jalan Sulaman for destination like Tuaran, Kota Belud, and Kudat, one will inadvertently bound into small stalls in hut on the side of the road along this highway. These huts might not look much from the outside, but once venture inside, one might find some very tasty food on the sale.

traders in huts

Coconut pudding which is served cold are very popular here, and the pudding has a nice sweet coconut taste. The coconut pudding are sold either in a coconut shell -RM 4, or in plastic cup -RM 2. Check out the black coconut too, which is burned, cooked and served, or just enjoy the natural coconut juice.

coconut pudding in a coconut shell

a closer look

raw coconut

Another favourite to sample are the BBQ clams, fresh from the sea and cooked. 20 pieces of fresh clams cooked in BBQ style cost RM 12.

raw clams fresh from the sea

BBQ clams

cooked clams good for a feast

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