Wun Chiap Restaurant


don learning the noodle trade

wun chiap’s special fried noodle RM3.50

Once I heard my mother’s friend, whom I called auntie Maureen, mentions, if one visits Tamparuli but did not visit Wun Chiap Restaurant, it is the same as one did not visit Tamparuli at all. Guess that’s how much we kklites like this small restaurant at foothill of Mt. Kinabalu.

hot water to clean up the utensils (self service)

Specialty here is the noodle, as the noodle is home made, the taste is much smooth compare with those that carried industrial standard. The owner told me no preservatives are used while making this noodles and it can not last for a day if not cooked.

wun chiap’s special fried noodle RM 8

I used to have RM 8 Wun Chiap’s special fried noodle at a go. The noodles really filled me up good, and made me very satisfy. I have to confess I am a noodle lover. I would not recommended this to anyone, unless you are sure of what you are doing with RM 8 of noodles. I once did RM 10 Wun Chiap’s special fried noodle, well that is good for another story haha…

well used granite table

I also like the old granite tables that don the main feature of this restaurant. These tables has been in used at least for the pass 50 years, kind of antique for Sabah standard. This restaurant is all run by family members.

noodle soup with meat balls and egg rolls RM 3

soup noodle RM 3

Wun Chaip Restaurant is located at the shop lot beside the Chinese primary school and next to Bank Simpanan Nasional. Beware either side of Bank Simpanan Nasional is a restaurant, so make sure you get the right one.

old shops at Tamparuli

Business Hours: 9 am to 6 pm

Wun Chaip Restaurant
Tamparuli, Sabah, Malaysia.
Tel: 6088 782 845

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