Salut Seafood Restaurant


Travel along Jalan Sulaman highway, after some 20 to 30 minutes from Kota Kinabalu City, one is going to pass by Salut seafood restaurant. Since it is quite out of the way for us KK Lites, this seafood restaurant is like a hidden gem. The price of seafood here is much cheaper compare with the other big seafood restaurants in the city. Tourists can get here by taxi, no buses come up to this place yet. Taxi from KK to Salut costs RM 60 one way, and Taxi from Rasa Ria Resort to Salut costs RM 30 one way.

look out for these Giant Clams

With these giant clams lining up the entrance of Salut Seafood Restuarant, surely this is good Feng Shui. Good Feng Shui equals Good fortune, an ancients Chinese’s believe. Here the good fortune is translated into real life too, as Salut Seafood Restaurant has grown from a small outpost restaurant with some 20 tables to about 100 tables restaurant now. Yet it still maintains the simple out look of it humble beginning, hence the continue of the cheaper price.

salut seafood restaurant interior view

look out for this signboard

salut seafood restaurant

steamed fresh prawns

Steamed fresh prawns is a simple recipe, have the prawns steamed fresh, and when the prawns are cooked, just serve them plain. Another delicious prawns dish is called butter prawns, yes… just prawns cook with butter. Note: there are two versions, dry butter prawns and wet butter prawns. Here 1kg of cooked prawns price range from RM 45 to RM 50.

dry butter prawns

steamed sea bass with black sauce

butter cuttlefish

deep fried crunchy crabs

Very tasty, one can even eat the crab outer layer body, it is very crunchy. One must eat them immediately when the crabs are served, wait too long the crunchy bite would have gone. 1 kg is about RM 50.

sweet and sour crabs

Sweet and sour sauce is a very popular cooking style found all over Malaysia, and not only does it cooks well with crabs, it also is a great sauce to cook with chicken, fish, and meats. The best way to eat this sweet and sour crabs is with our bare hands, much more flexible than any other tools, and we can lick off all the extra sauce that stick on our hands, yummy.

baked salted crabs

kim hiong crabs

fried clams with special sauce

steamed shells

mushrooms with mixed vegetables

Mixed them all up! Different variety of mushroom and vegetables, this play up to a very colourful dish.

lahad datu sayur manis

kang kong balacan

Kang Kong is a local vegetable. Some time one can see Kang Kong grows on the river side too.

me having a go at these tasty stuffs

Below are some price samples at Salut Seafood Restaurant. Noted: Samsu is rice wing “wong jiu” and “yam guk” means baked with salt.

sample price
salut lake at dusk

Salut Seafood Restaurant also has stunning scenery especially around late evening. The lake area is a beautiful site at this hours.

Business Hours:
Tuesday to Sunday and Public Holiday: 10:30am to 9:30pm
Monday: Closed

Salut Seafood Restaurant
Kamping Salut, Jalan Sulaman,
Kota Kinabalu.
6° 6’14.12″N 116° 9’37.03″E (GPS position)

Tel: +6088 228 301 Fax: +6088 780 301

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